Why Choose CA Exam Series?

If you are reading this that means you are either wondering about choosing CA as a career option or you have already decided and now looking for some help, am I right? Well, look no further because this is the right place for you. The CA exam is one of the toughest exams to crack in the country. Thousands of aspirants take it every year and only a few are able to pass. Of course, you want to be in the category of the ones who pass and that’s why you’ll do everything in your power to get the maximum score.

Intro to CA Exam

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India organizes exams for CA aspirants twice a year in May and November. These exams are held on 3 Levels: CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. The syllabus for all these exams is extensive, complex, and intrinsic. You should possess very high intellectual prowess in order to get through the exam.

Benefits of CA Exam Series

CA Exam Series helps you in your journey to pass the exam throughout. We provide you with services that will not only put your mind at ease so you can focus on your studies but also help you in solving any issues you face in preparation. CA Exam Series makes you ready so you can give your CA Exam confidently.

You get Counselling from Qualified Chartered Accountants who will guide you in your process. Our Mentorship program helps you in going through your syllabus. We even set a Target Wise Study Schedule for you so you can easily finish up your course in time. You can reach out to your mentor if you face any doubt. Your mentor will help you with the best practices, tips & tricks to understand complicated concepts and make sure that you are not stuck anywhere.

As you are completing your course you can attempt the Individual Chapter Wise Test papers. The CA Mock Test Series help you in assessing your knowledge of each subject. The difficulty of the CA test series is similar to an ICAI exam. With these Chapter Wise Tests, you are really challenging yourself to the optimum level.

Once your whole syllabus is done you get the opportunity of Revising the Full Syllabus 3 times so you are well assured with your knowledge. Most importantly you even get the Full Syllabus Exam where the difficulty is as of the CA Exam. You really get the understanding of the paper and so that you are ready for any situation to come what may. These test papers are Evaluated within 24 hours by Qualified Chartered Accountants so you know your strengths and areas of improvement.

The main reason why CA Exam Test Series is the best is that the Test Series is designed by Subject Experts and are based on the Latest ICAI pattern. Moreso, the ICAI Exam have 60% similar questions to what you get in your Mock Test Series hence you are all ready for them and more importantly with full confidence.

All these points are enough to tell you that CA Exam Series is what you need to make your dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant come true!

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