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Test Instructions

After registering for test series in CA Exams, student will login in with the Mobile Number/E-Mail ID and password.

Test will be checked and given back to students within same day (Maximum 2 days)

Student will Download the test from the Panel

Student will write the answers on a notebook.

After completing the test, student will either click photos of the test or scan it.

Upload the Sheets in result tab in student panel .

Results for the test will be provided in Result tab in student panel (Along with checked sheets) .

Suggested answers for the tests along with guidance from faculty will be provided.

Student need not keep his ID active while giving the test.

Except for full syllabus test, other tests are of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

It is not compulsory to give test on same day. You can attempt the tests as per your convenience .

Student can attempt the test at any time and day till 31st May 2023 For May Attempt and 30th Nov 2023 For Nov Attempt.

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