Pass Guarantee Series (200 Student Only)

Get 100% Money Back if you clear all CAExams Test series papers & do not clear ICAI Exam

Process -

Register For pass guarantee plan

Write all the exams we conduct

Score Min 50% Marks in Every Test

Write all exams with confidence

You will Qualify for sure- Because we trust on aur paper quality

If failed - No Issues, Your Money Will be refunded.

Program Highlights:-

One to one mentoring

Customised study schedules for students.

Constant follow up.

Customised daily targets.

Study plans and tips to be provided.

Multiple revisions

Revision strategies

Time trackers

Motivational boosters

Full support and guidance till exams

Pass Guarantee Series (200 Student Only)

5 Chapter-Wise Test For Each Subject

2 Full Syllabus Test For Each Subjects

Target wise study schedule

Three Times Revison (100% Syllabus)

Counselling By A Chartered Accountant

Revision Strategy For Exams

Evaluation In Just 99 Mins

Available for May 2023 Attempt

Terms & Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions-

We assure you guarantee because we are confident about our test paper quality and pattern.

Offer is applicable only if a student appears & writes minimum 1 Group or 3 subjects.

Student has to score minimum 50% marks in each CAExams Series Test Paper.

Even in any one test the Student scores less then 50% then he/she is not eligible for refund.

If the Student has taken subscription of One group / Both group then the student should clear in all tests of all subjects or else he won’t be eligible for refund.

The login details to CAExams Test is to be furnished to check the ICAI RESULT. No screenshots will be allowed.

The student has to request for ICAI certified copies and share with us for the refund to be processed.

CA Exams Test Series guarantees that the ICAI answer sheet will kept confidential.

For any further understanding you may call us on 7505768117 or

CA Exams Test series reserves the right to change the above mentioned conditions which will be informed to you in advance & made applicable prospectively.