CA Final Test Series

CA Final Test Series


The CA Final Test Series from CA Exam Test Series is a valuable tool for aspiring chartered accountants. It consists of simulated mock test papers & exams designed to prepare you before the actual CA Final examination. The Final Test Series helps students assess their strengths and weaknesses, identify areas for improvement, and enhance their exam preparedness. It provides a real exam experience, helping students develop time management skills and familiarity with the exam format. The test series offers performance evaluation and feedback, enabling students to fine-tune their study strategy. Regularly attempting the test series builds confidence and boosts overall performance. By following a ca test series schedule, analyzing results, seeking guidance, practicing time management, and reviewing feedback, students can maximize the benefits of the CA Final test series.

Benefits of CA Final Test Series:

By ensuring that students begin their preparation early and with a deadline in mind, CA Final Test Series are a part of the answer to the procrastination problem.

They also serve as a failsafe in the event that improper study or revision techniques are used. Test Series offer lots of possibilities for development and adaptability.

Exam-like conditions are also provided by test series, allowing students to become accustomed to the setting and avoid exam-related stress during the actual CA Final exam. The outcomes also serve as feedback; thus, they highlight the areas that require improvement.

Overall, the test series are quite helpful for any exam. But they are especially important for the CA finals. The exams recognized as one of the hardest in the world are the CA finals. As a result, they demand the same amount of practise as their intricacy. Test Series are an excellent method to get comfortable with the idea.

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Different Plans of CA Final Test Series

For the CA Final exams, we offer 5 plans of CA Exams Test Series and hopefully through this you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Individual Chapter Wise Series

This test series is very important when it comes to understanding the intricacy and complexity of every chapter of the syllabus for all the subjects. It pushes you to deepen your comprehensive ability towards a topic. Here you get 1-chapter wise test for each subject, 2 full syllabus tests for each subject and 2 MCQ Tests for the subject where MCQ questions are included.

Rs 2799 / Group

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Full Syllabus Exam Series

This plan is important for the students who want to test their preparation for the syllabus as it offers 2 Full Syllabus tests for each subject. In this plan you can also revise the Full Syllabus 2 times, you will also get Counseling by a Chartered Accountant for your preparation strategy.

Rs 750 / Group

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Detailed Exam Series

This plan is for students who are going jugular on their preparation strategy and are extremely to understand the knicks and knacks of the CA Syllabus. Here you get 5 Chapter Wise Tests for each subject and 1 Full Syllabus test for each subject.

Rs 1450 / Group

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Pass Guarantee-Individual Chapter Wise Series

This is for the students who are extremely committed in becoming CA in this attempt. CA Exams Test Series guarantees that if you fail in the exam after choosing this plan, we will refund you 100% amount. This plan contains 1-chapter wise test for each subject, 2 Full Syllabus Test for each subject, 2 MCQ test and 3 times revision of the Full Syllabus. Along with all the perks of the previous series.

Rs 5999 / Group

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Unscheduled Exam Series

We understand that sometimes aspirants have a lot going in their life than just exams and there are times when you cannot make it to the date of the test. That is why this plan is perfect for you. Once you buy this plan, you will be able to download all the test series in one go and then you can solve them at your own convenience. You will still get the evaluation done in 2-3 days of whenever you submit. Here you get 5 Chapter Wise tests for each subject and 1 Full Syllabus test for each subject along with counseling by a CA.

Rs 1450 / Group

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Test papers will be strictly according to ICAI ca foundation exam pattern and level for fair judgment of student’s performance.

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What to look for in CA Final Test Series?

On their website, offers a list of questions and possible solutions so that students can take a CA Final Test Series. While working through the website's quizzes is undoubtedly an excellent way to practise, it takes time.

The majority of students lack the self-discipline to time and seriously attempt online test series. As a result, there are many internet tools that can assist you in doing the same. To work on your skills and weaknesses, you should always favour the test timers who will also provide you with accurate feedback and an improvement plan.

With several chapter wise test series for each subject, the CA Exams Test Series gives students an integrated CA Final mock test experience that enables them to revise their study strategies as necessary.

If you have the self-control to do it, you could also just make your own mock exam. Each paper's mock test is available on the website of

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How to plan to take CA Final Test Series?

Test Series will show to be a useful tool in developing a successful revision plan. But you must effectively plan ahead if you want to employ them.

Start by making a calendar for yourself on which you may note short-term objectives and due dates that will eventually lead to larger ones. To illustrate, set a deadline for a brief topic for one day, another for the next, and so on.

Now you may set a deadline for the entire subject and eventually the full syllabus based on these smaller ones. Be sensible. Don't expect too much; doing so is a surefire way to get disappointed.

By selecting the CA Final Test series from home, where you have the freedom to choose the dates for mock tests, you can arrange the dates for online test series using your calendar.

Keep them at least a week apart to give yourself enough time to address the test-related feedback. Create a test series schedule that will allow you to cover at least 80% of the material.

Make sure you address the feedback you received in the wake of the CA final test series results so that you can strengthen your areas of weakness.

Using this method, you may be sure that you'll finish your coursework on time and revise efficiently. Utilize all the tools at your disposal, but don't forget to give yourself time and space to process the information you take in.

We are confident that the methods you employ for studying and revising are time-consuming and effective. As a result, we are there to offer a hand and modify your plan to achieve the best results. You have a happy revision!

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