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A combination of smart and hard effort is required for effective CA preparation. It’s impossible to memorize the entire curriculum in one sitting. To grasp any material, you should instead take notes in your own language and at your pace.

Nothing is better than handwritten notes if you want to understand as well as retain things in your mind. The more you write, the more you understand and the more you read your own handwritten notes, the more you will be able to remember, retain and even recall. Notes are also helpful while solving CA Test Series.

What part does taking notes play in preparing for the CA Exam?

Despite the enormous amount of information available in different study tools, taking notes is one of the best CA Exam preparation strategies. Keep your attention on a single problem over a lengthy amount of time. You will gain a deeper comprehension of the subjects as you write more. Numerous studies show that students who take their own notes perform better on their CA exams. It is believed that making notes on important topics and questions will aid in your memory during assessments. Taking notes provides benefits beyond just what was covered in class.

While it is essential to read over the major chapters and topics in order to properly understand them, taking notes can save you time by making it easier to recollect just the essence of vital information rather than writing lengthy phrases.

Note Taking Methods:

Lists: A sequential listing of ideas as they are presented. Lists may be short phrases or complete paragraphs describing ideas in more detail.

Outlines: The outline method places most important ideas along the left margin, which are numbered with roman numerals. Supporting ideas to these main concepts are indented and are noted with capital letters. Under each of these ideas, further detail can be added, designated with an Arabic number, a lowercase letter, and so forth.

Concept Maps: When designing a concept map, place a central idea in the center of the page and then add lines and new circles in the page for new ideas. Use arrows and lines to connect the various ideas.

The following are some benefits of taking notes while preparing for the CA exam:

Help with revision Having prepared notes on hand makes revision stronger and more effective. Writing the key takeaways for each chapter makes it simple to choose the major themes for revision.

It Enhances Learning Skills: You can learn more efficiently by taking thorough notes. By choosing and organising the important topics/chapters for revision by taking efficient notes from CA Test Series, students actively engage in the learning process. Effective notes help you organise your study materials and pinpoint your areas of weakness; this information equips students with the skills they need to create an efficient study plan, which in turn helps you achieve excellent test scores.

This method makes it easier to remember:: The ability to aid in the retention of previously learned material is one of the most significant benefits of taking notes during the CA Exam. You don't have to worry about remembering the chapter's important points if you read the chapter without making notes. You should make notes in order to comprehend the material more fully.

Preparation Strategy for Theory Exams:

Clarity of Concept is of utmost importance. When studying a theory topic for the first time, a student should focus on grasping the information. One might want to try preferring books by writers who use simpler language if they find the language in the ICAI study materials to be difficult. Don't try to use difficult words right away. The legal standards and auditing standards should be thoroughly understood by students because doing so will make passing the tests easier.

Writing CA Test Series is the simplest way to learn theory subjects for CA Theory Subjects. Test your memory whenever you make progress in a theoretical subject, such as when you complete a chapter or learn a tough concept. How are you going to apply what you've learned? Practice by simulating being in a CA Test Series. This enables you to assess your level of understanding of a particular subject or chapter. Analyze your level of preparation to see if you can, in theory, provide good results.

List the main ideas in your own words. Make a list of those points in your own words on a sheet of paper. You can write more successfully in tests by practising this skill in CA Exam Test Series. Additionally, writing requires efficient brain-hand synchronisation. We commonly omit words or sentences when writing because our brains process information far more quickly than our hands.

Reading is the initial step in understanding theoretical subjects. To make sure you comprehend what you're reading, pause for a moment and visualise it in your mind. What benefit will it have? We can identify what we don't understand or what the one thing was that we couldn't duplicate when we mentally picture the solution.

Choosing Best Test Series for CA exams is the simplest way to learn theory subjects in computer science. Jog your memory whenever you make progress in a theoretical subject, such as when you complete a chapter or learn a challenging concept. How are you going to apply what you've learned? Practice by simulating being in an exam room. Pick a few questions from that chapter and practise them. You can also use questions from Study Material, RTPs, MTPs, CA Exam Test Series or CA Online Test Series. This enables you to assess your level of understanding of a particular subject or chapter. Analyze your level of preparation to see if you can, in theory, provide good results.

The CA exams are not a good fit for rote study, despite it being one of the traditional ways of exam preparation. It's preferable to employ more effective techniques rather than rote learning, which uses repetition to assist you recall what you've learned over time like practicing CA Test Series.

Preparation Strategy for Practical Exams:

From reference books or classes books, go through the basic formulae and formats that are given. If the chapter involves journal entries for different situations, then learn those journal entries and make mental notes of what are the practical aspects involved in the same like how you will do working and how the respective ledger accounts will be prepared, etc.

Start understanding the simple problems by reading and noting how various calculations are made and try to figure out how the solution arrives. Two or three problems can be tacked in this manner to acquaint you with the practical part from CA Test Series

In the CA course, there are numerous numerical topics. such as accounting, cost accounting, financial management, advanced management accounting, and strategic financial management (SFM), among others. If you have already finished a subject through coaching or self-study, please attempt to adhere to the following key elements.

Set a deadline for finishing the entire subject's revision on a specific day.

Start the subject now by chapter, then build a collection of ten questions from each chapter by taking all the questions from that chapter and CA Exams Test Series. If a chapter contains 30 questions, you would need to divide the questions into three sets of 10, then begin to answer them.

  • After that, set a goal for yourself to finish answering all the questions in a chapter in no more than two days.
  • Create a concept register for the relevant subjects to draw attention to key ideas.
  • Prepare the questions by correctly resolving them step by step for more practise.
  • It helps to get good grades if you practise presenting the numerical questions in a right way.

Examiners always include approximately 10–30 marks worth of theoretical questions in numerical papers. So, compile a list of theory questions using question papers from the last 6-7 years and CA Exam Test Series. Prepare those questions because they are sufficient for taking the theory examinations.

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Detailed Exam Series - May 2023

5 Chapter-Wise Test For Each Subjects

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Question Papers

Suggested Answers

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Suggested Answers as per the Guidelines of ICAI.

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Schedule & Unschedule both options

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MTP Question Papers

1 Mock Test Paper for Each subject

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Individual Chapter Wise Series- May 2023

One Chapter One Test For Each Subject

2 Full Syllabus Test For Each Subject

2 MCQ Test For Each Subjects

Evaluation By Qualified CAs

Question Paper as Per ICAI Pattern

Suggested Answers as per ICAI

Revision Strategy By AIR

Test Series Valid Till The Last Exam Date

Unscheduled Exam Series - May 2023

5 Chapter-Wise Test For Each Subjects

1 Full Syllabus Test For Each Subjects

Counselling By A Chartered Accountant

Question Paper as per ICAI Pattern

Suggested Answers as per ICAI Guidelines

Evaluation In 2-3 Days Working Days

Attend Test Papers As Per Your Schedule Till May 23 Attempt


A test series can provide you the chance to hone your exam strategies and broaden your subject-matter understanding. The test series is regularly updated to guarantee that it includes all of the latest exam syllabus updates. The test series also offers thorough coverage of every subject covered in the CA Foundation curriculum.
The test questions are really challenging. They offer both challenging and straightforward mock tests to help you get used to the 65% simple and 35% complex questions that make up exams. Ca Exams Test Series' designed mock exams are a little more challenging than the real thing, which is necessary before the exams.
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For CA exams there is only one name, CA Exams Test Series. Practice exam-like mocktests and score maximum in your actual exams. Get detailed analysis about your weak and strong topics and improve. All mocktests are designed by experts with latest pattern and difficult level of your exam. Evaluated sheets along with examiners comment on each answer and guidance will be provided in 24 Hours.
You are able to identify your level of preparedness, the chapters or areas where you are falling behind.
We can clearly see the pattern of questions, the scoring system, any modifications, etc. in the mock exams.
They can learn how to answer questions from various chapters and disciplines by taking practise exams.
If you're lucky, you might see the same exam question that you've answered or filled out in practise exams.
The most significant benefit of mock exams is that they increase and complement your pace so that you can complete the papers inside the exams on time.
The CA course has three levels:
CA Foundation,
CA Intermediate, and.
CA Final.
On an average some 6000 to 7000 students qualify as CA every half year. The CA results can go as low as 3% and as high as 22% , The supply is always in restricted quantity which ensures always a high demand of CAs in market .
After all it is CA and not some random college degree where people can pass in bulk.
A test series is absolutely necessary for exam preparation.
Before taking the CA Exam, test series is designed to help students acquire a sense of what to expect and help them pinpoint their areas of weakness. Additionally, it will help students strengthen their areas of weakness.
For a variety of reasons, students who have taken practise exams before their final exam have an advantage over their rivals.
If you want to know who passes the CA exam the first time, you should also know how to pass the CA exam. Here's how to go about it:
By studying only a few of the topics, you cannot pass the exam. Each and every subject on the entire curriculum must be studied in depth.
Exam results will be positively impacted by thoroughly revising the complete curriculum three times before taking the test. The fixing of problems and practising with old test questions should be required during revisions.
Making notes and generating minor suggestions as you read the various books and materials can make it easier to revise later on.
Irrespective of the attempts it took or you skipped, if you cleared the CA exams, you have strong chances too land up at a good job. However, as aforesaid, there are a few companies that do consider the number of attempts as an eligibility criterion. Hence, if you are targeting a huge and reputed firm, it may affect you.
You must obtain a minimum of 40% in each subject and an overall average of 50% to pass the CA exam. As a result, you won't be taken into consideration as a qualified candidate if you fail one subject.
During exam holidays, most of the students are mainly occupied dealing the exam pressure. Due to which, the concentration gets deviated and students end up losing their interest in studying for the exams and skip the attempt.
It is very much understandable that, social networking is part of life. Most of the students put their valuable time and efforts in social network instead of putting that time in studies.
The syllabus of CA is extremely vast. Hence, sometimes that students are not able to cover the full syllabus and end up losing marks in the exam.
The Institute (ICAI) will declare result in online mode. For May 2022, the total passing percentage for both groups is excepted to be around 17.04% for CA Final course and 19.84% for CA Intermediate course.
There is no limit to the number of attempts taken to clear a CA exam.
The highest salary of CA in India in the year 2021 was 25.31 lac per annum for domestic posting and 9.19 lakh per annum for international posting. The average salary of CA in India in 2021 was 9.19 lakh per annum.
No, you cannot skip articleship in CA it is Mandatory as Per ICAI Terms and Conditions.
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