CA Foundation Test Series

CA Foundation Test Series


If you are getting ready for the CA Foundation exam in Nov, you might want to think about using a test series. A test series can provide you the chance to hone your exam strategies and broaden your subject-matter understanding. The test series is regularly updated to guarantee that it includes all the latest exam syllabus updates. The test series also offers thorough coverage of every subject covered in the CA Foundation curriculum.

1st Test 2nd Test 3rd, 4th, 5th Test
1st half syllabus
(50 marks)
2nd half syllabus
(50 marks)
Full Syllabus
(100 marks)

You can use this series to help you get ready for the CA Foundation exam. It includes full-length practise exams, drills, and performance evaluation. We strongly advise you to take advantage of this series and begin studying for your CA Foundation examinations right away! To identify your areas of weakness and get over your dread of examinations, all you need to do is practise CA Foundation Test Series from CA Exams Test Series.

Why do you need CA Foundation Test Series:

You don’t have to worry about your CA Foundation Test Series as CA Exam Test Series provide you with the Best CA Exam Series that are based on the latest ICAI pattern and designed by subject experts.

One unique feature we provide is the set of Individual Chapter Wise Test Series which you can solve as you go along with your syllabus so that your grip over the topics remains tight.

Not only that, you get a Full Syllabus CA Foundation Test Series which challenges you exactly like the ICAI Foundation Exam.

Exams of CA FOUNDATION TEST SERIES are designed in such a way that any tough question in CA FOUNDATION EXAMINATIONS can be attempted , that is why there are 60-70% similar questions in the exam from our test series. This is also the reason why we got 88.9% positive result in the last exam.

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Different Plans of CA Foundation Test Series

For the CA Foundation exams, we offer 5 plans of CA Exams Test Series and hopefully through this you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Individual Chapter Wise Series

This test series is very important when it comes to understanding the intricacy and complexity of every chapter of the syllabus for all the subjects. It pushes you to deepen your comprehensive ability towards a topic. Here you get 1-chapter wise test for each subject, 2 full syllabus tests for each subject and 2 MCQ Tests for the subject where MCQ questions are included.

Rs 2499 / 4 subjects

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Full Syllabus Exam Series

This plan is important for the students who want to test their preparation for the syllabus as it offers 2 Full Syllabus tests for each subject. In this plan you can also revise the Full Syllabus 2 times, you will also get Counseling by a Chartered Accountant for your preparation strategy.

Rs 750 / 4 subjects

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Detailed Exam Series

This plan is for students who are going jugular on their preparation strategy and are extremely to understand the knicks and knacks of the CA Syllabus. Here you get 5 Chapter Wise Tests for each subject and 1 Full Syllabus test for each subject.

Rs 1250 / 4 subjects

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Pass Guarantee-Individual Chapter Wise Series

This is for the students who are extremely committed in becoming CA in this attempt. CA Exams Test Series guarantees that if you fail in the exam after choosing this plan, we will refund you 100% amount. This plan contains 1-chapter wise test for each subject, 2 Full Syllabus Test for each subject, 2 MCQ test and 3 times revision of the Full Syllabus. Along with all the perks of the previous series.

Rs 6000 / 4 subjects

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Unscheduled Exam Series

We understand that sometimes aspirants have a lot going in their life than just exams and there are times when you cannot make it to the date of the test. That is why this plan is perfect for you. Once you buy this plan, you will be able to download all the test series in one go and then you can solve them at your own convenience. You will still get the evaluation done in 2-3 days of whenever you submit. Here you get 5 Chapter Wise tests for each subject and 1 Full Syllabus test for each subject along with counseling by a CA.

Rs 1250 / 4 subjects

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Test papers will be strictly according to ICAI ca foundation exam pattern and level for fair judgment of student’s performance.

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How will Mentorship Programme help you

Once you enroll with the CA Exam Test Series you are assigned a Mentor. Each mentor is either a Qualified Subject Expert, Chartered Accountant or All-India Rank Holder.

You get a Customized Study Planner designed especially for you and catering to your Targets.

Presentation is the most significant aspect of professional exams, and it counts a lot, and we are here to assist you with it.

You get suggestions and feedback on your Answer Writing.

The Mentor gives you Weekly and Monthly Targets so you can finish your syllabus expeditiously. All your doubts are solved by our Mentors in real time.

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Why is it crucial to take the CA Foundation Test Series?

Time management

You must already be aware of how challenging it is to finish a paper in three hours if you are a CA student. To earn all 100 points on your paper, time management is crucial. From the outset, you must keep up your pace and plan your time appropriately. You can practice this while solving Test Series for CA Foundation


For the CA Foundation exams, how you present your answers is crucial to getting high marks. You can learn how to deliver your answers in the most effective manner in the allotted time by using online test series for CA Foundation.

Helps allocate time for subjects that require more time

If you have never written a paper that includes both multiple-choice questions and case studies, you will find it quite difficult. In-depth reading and analysis are required for MCQs, which takes a lot of time. It will be really beneficial for you if you have already practiced it with CA Foundation Test Series.

Provides a summary of the entire paper

The format of CA Foundation Test Series is similar to that of the final paper. Thus, taking a practise test will give you a good understanding of the format of the test, how to select the questions you will attempt, and which chapters will roughly account for how many marks.

Getting ready for the day

Taking the CA examinations in the face of so much pressure and expectation is difficult. Online Test Series for CA Foundation help you get ready for the big day and give you a taste of everything beforehand.

Increases your understanding of various subjects

While some questions may be challenging to understand, others can be understood in a variety of ways. Some of these subjects that you can encounter when answering the questions on the test draw your attention in mock tests.

How can CA Foundation Test Series help in writing a flawless paper?

You get to examine and correct your own errors.

If you can obtain a professional to review your work, you can also get the helpful criticism.

You get to reflect on your performance and wonder, "Was it good enough?"

You are aware of your areas for improvement.

Your writing and presentation abilities can be improved.

What steps should be taken to write a successful paper?

The Thorough Feedback Report includes the following important details

The accuracy of your answers

You learn if the substance or calibre of your responses meet the standards set by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. You receive advice on how to make your answers better.

Topics that are either strong or weak

Your strong and weak themes are examined based on your responses, and the complete report informs you of them. Before taking the exam, you have the option to make improvements.

Developing areas

Your areas for development are listed in the report, regardless of whether they relate to the content of your answers or how you presented them on the test. To avoid wasting another attempt, you might work on them before the exam.

How to make your answers more effective

You receive guidance on how to present your responses in tests. These are tailored to your needs based on how well you performed in the CA Foundation Test Series.

The extent of the improvements

The thorough report outlines every aspect of your answers that is correct or incorrect. You have a lot of room to grow because of this. The report lists any extra tasks you have to complete in addition to the general ones. In essence, you receive your result prior to your tests. Since there is still time until your tests, you can make adjustments and change your results if they are not what you had hoped for without having to show up for another attempt.

Where can mock exams be given?

Before each try, ICAI administers practise exams. There are two methods you can show up for the ICAI's practise exams:

  • Login to CA Exams Test Series

  • Select a plan

  • Download the Test Series

  • Get to work

A few other perks

  • You get a Counseling session by the Mentor who would be a Qualified All-India Rank Chartered Accountant.

  • With CA Foundation Test Series you can do Revision 3 times of the Full Syllabus up to the ICAI exam.

  • You can improvise your study pattern anytime during the journey.

  • You get the advantage to take your test series for CA Foundation with or without Internet.

  • You will be guided in about Time Management during your exam.

With the aid of these efficient tools from the CA Exam Test Series, CA students will be equipped to enhance their understanding, confidence, and presentation as well as rank and score on practise exams and mock exams. By signing up for an online test series from CA Exams test series for the ca final, ca foundation, and ca inter, students will have access to thousands of practise questions created by the ca exam series faculty that cover a variety of topics related to the ICAI Exams they will be taking in tandem with other aspirants.

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