CA Inter Test Series

CA Inter Test Series


To achieve success in the CA Inter Exam and secure a position among the toppers, a well-structured test series strategy is crucial. The CA Inter Test Series from CA Exam Test Series offers a valuable opportunity for aspiring Chartered Accountants to refine their preparation and boost their performance. Toppers employ a few key strategies while utilizing the test series. They carefully analyze previous years' question papers and focus on high-weightage topics. They dedicate ample time for self-study and revision after taking each test to reinforce their understanding. Toppers also maintain a disciplined schedule, consistently taking mock tests to simulate exam conditions and improve time management. By analyzing their performance, identifying weak areas, and seeking clarification for doubts, they continuously strive for improvement. Ultimately, a strategic approach to the CA Inter Test Series significantly enhances their chances of securing top ranks in the CA exam.

The best strategy to prepare for CA Intermediate is to:

Take two subjects per day, one of which should be theory-based and the other practical. At least half of the practical questions should be written down and practiced.

It is crucial to attempt the CA inter test series every day. Check your errors when you receive the evaluated sheets and make an effort to fix them. Use a marker to note the weakness.

When exam day arrives, it is simple to see the errors you made in the tests. The Detailed Test Series Intermediate Plan is the most popular choice among students because it includes 5 chapter-by-chapter tests and 1 full exam for each topic.

Do use this strategy when taking the CA Inter examinations. You will discover that we have altered the questions in our Inter Test Series in a similar way.

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Different Plans of CA Inter Test Series

For the CA Inter exams, we offer 5 plans of CA Exams Test Series and hopefully through this you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Individual Chapter Wise Series

This test series is very important when it comes to understanding the intricacy and complexity of every chapter of the syllabus for all the subjects. It pushes you to deepen your comprehensive ability towards a topic. Here you get 1-chapter wise test for each subject, 2 full syllabus tests for each subject and 2 MCQ Tests for the subject where MCQ questions are included.

Rs 2650 / Group

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Full Syllabus Exam Series

This plan is important for the students who want to test their preparation for the syllabus as it offers 2 Full Syllabus tests for each subject. In this plan you can also revise the Full Syllabus 2 times, you will also get Counseling by a Chartered Accountant for your preparation strategy.

Rs 750 / Group

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Detailed Exam Series

This plan is for students who are going jugular on their preparation strategy and are extremely to understand the knicks and knacks of the CA Syllabus. Here you get 5 Chapter Wise Tests for each subject and 1 Full Syllabus test for each subject.

Rs 1320 / Group

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Pass Guarantee-Individual Chapter Wise Series

This is for the students who are extremely committed in becoming CA in this attempt. CA Exams Test Series guarantees that if you fail in the exam after choosing this plan, we will refund you 100% amount. This plan contains 1-chapter wise test for each subject, 2 Full Syllabus Test for each subject, 2 MCQ test and 3 times revision of the Full Syllabus. Along with all the perks of the previous series.

Rs 5999 / Group

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Unscheduled Exam Series

We understand that sometimes aspirants have a lot going in their life than just exams and there are times when you cannot make it to the date of the test. That is why this plan is perfect for you. Once you buy this plan, you will be able to download all the test series in one go and then you can solve them at your own convenience. You will still get the evaluation done in 2-3 days of whenever you submit. Here you get 5 Chapter Wise tests for each subject and 1 Full Syllabus test for each subject along with counseling by a CA.

Rs 1320 / Group

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Test papers will be strictly according to ICAI ca foundation exam pattern and level for fair judgment of student’s performance.

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Joining a CA Inter Test Series for your CA Exam preparation has many benefits. Some of the most significant ones are listed below:

Get exam practise in real time

You can get a realistic sense of what the CA Exam will be like by taking the inter test series. You must do this in order to help yourself psychologically and emotionally get ready for the test.

Aids in determining how well-prepared you are

The best way to assess your readiness is through an inter test series. It not only assesses your knowledge but also your ability to manage your time and solve problems, allowing you to focus on your weak areas and become a stronger candidate on exam day.


CA Inter test series gives you an understanding of the types of questions that are asked in the CA Intermediate tests, familiarizing you with the exam format and question patterns. Because you are familiar with the process, exam anxiety is reduced on test day.

Enhance your time management abilities

Enhance your time management abilities by routinely taking timed ca inter test series exams, which will teach you how to use your exam time wisely.

Identify your weak areas

By taking the inter test series, you can determine which subjects require additional preparation. You may use your time more effectively and increase your chances of passing the test by doing this.

Increasing your practice

Increasing your practice will give you more self-assurance and make you feel more prepared for the exam. Receiving encouraging feedback regarding test results can also be motivating.

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How can you improve your writing abilities for the CA Inter exams?

To gain a sense of the kinds of questions that will be asked on the CA Inter examinations, start by taking one or more test series for CA inter.

Make sure you comprehend the exam's structure as well as the length and answer format requirements.

Review the fundamental laws of language and writing. This will make sure your answers are well-written and error-free.

To learn how to pace yourself during the exam, practice writing answers to CA inter test series in a timed setting.

Be sure to give yourself enough time to modify and check your answers before turning them in on test day. Check your work thoroughly for any errors that could cost you points.

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