Why Do Students Get Stressed During Ca Exams?

Let's discuss stress a little. Given the unpredictable and challenging nature of the entire examination procedure, stress throughout the CA exams is common. But do students actually understand the causes of stress? Let's investigate.

How does a CA student know he is stressed? Stress has many symptoms. Let's have a look:

  • Low energy: You feel languished and always tired. You don’t want to work, study, or sometimes even don’t want to get up from bed.

  • Headache: Headaches are normal and can happen for various reasons like loss of sleep, dehydration, and heat but if you are having frequent headaches, it is because of continuing stress.

  • Aches, pains, and tense muscles: When there is a rapid increase in stress, the muscles stiffen up all at once and then relax once the stress has subsided. The body's muscles are more or less always on alert as a result of chronic stress. Long-term muscle tension has the potential to cause various bodily reactions and perhaps to worsen stress-related diseases.

  • Rapid breathing and heartbeat: Stress is known to cause irregular breathing. If this is something that you are feeling then you should definitely get medical attention.

Cold or sweaty hands and/or feet, Shaking and nervousness, Loss of interest, Constant worrying, Insomnia, Changes in appetite, and Increased use of alcohol or cigarettes, or coffee are many more symptoms that can give you an idea that you are in stress.

There could be many more symptoms depending on person to person. But most of these symptoms are either ignored or not even identified. This is where a CA student needs to be more conscious.

The reasons for stress also need to be identified, because only then can you work towards reducing stress. Let's discuss some most common reasons for stress in CA students:

Lack of proper preparation, Fear of failure in exams, Not being serious in studies, Not having a solid plan of study or a timetable, Expectation of near and dear ones, Fear of being judged by others, Fear of missing out (FOMO), Lack of time management, Lack of sleep, Mental exhaustion, Peer pressure

A cool talk or conversation about exams with your friends and fellow students is another strategy for reducing exam stress. You benefit from this in a variety of ways. Through these types of conversations, you can get your questions answered and mentally get ready for the fight that lies ahead.

Spending time with your family and friends is one of the finest ways to cope with exam stress. To reclaim all of the lost energy and enthusiasm, I implore you to think seriously about this topic.

Without any reasonable excuse, refrain from believing that your preparation was inadequate or that your theoretical or practical paper was weak. Simply go ahead and try your hardest. Don't let stress from exams or negative thinking detract from your optimistic attitude.

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