Mistakes Students Must Avoid For CA Final Exams

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) expects nothing less from you throughout your CA journey because CA is professional education. There is pressure to finish courses, study for exams, and handle a range of other obligations. You must, however, not give in to them and let yourself make the most serious errors of your career while putting together a plan for your CA final preparation.

These frequent mistakes set apart CA toppers from CA pass-outs and CA repeaters. You should therefore be aware of how to avoid making these typical errors on the CA final test series to avoid feeling regret.


Table of Content

1.       Introduction

2.       Mistakes while preparing for the exam

  • No Study Plan
  • Not focusing on ICAI material
  • Following wrong advice
  • Not attempting Mock Test Series
  • Not Revising regularly
  • No Written Practice

3.       Mistakes during the Exam

4.       Proper Presentation of Answer

5.       Conclusion




  • The three years you spent doing Articleship were very important to your development. Seek out opportunities to work and gain as much knowledge as you can. But make sure you have a sound study plan for managing your time.

  • You don't need to have time tomorrow, friends. As time goes on, you will become a senior person in the workplace, which will boost your workload and timing.

  • Make a schedule starting today so that you can finish the entire course throughout your training term. Whatever the circumstances, set your goals and stick to them. And the only thing left over when you return from preparation leave should be the revision.


  • It is not a good idea to disregard the study materials and practice manual provided by the ICAI. 

  • Any reference book or coaching tool can help you cover the entire curriculum, but the ICAI resources come with exam-style questions.

  • So, start practicing the ICAI manual's questions as soon as you finish a particular topic or chapter.

  • You may be able to better understand the subject being presented if you practice answering plenty of questions. One of the most frequent mistakes on the CA final exam is this one.


  • Students in CA frequently commit the error of mindlessly following many other students.

  • Some people sign up for the course because a friend or relative of theirs has already finished it.

  • Students commonly follow their friends during Articleship training and work placements.

  • If you do this, you will be limiting your interactions with other people.

  • Most trainees who go to class with buddies are unable to broaden their perspectives.


  • Going above and above is not detrimental, even if studying textbooks has always been the greatest strategy for passing any exam. 

  • Test Series for CA Final is typically beneficial for passing exams and learning question types. Look over as many different CA Exam Test Series as are available.


  • The syllabus for the CA course is extensive. You will forget more than half of the prior topic's curriculum if you complete one course and then go on to another without reviewing.

  • Think about what you will remember up until the big day. Regularly revise all topics for all subjects.

  • You will be worn out after an extended day and an early start. You could be tempted to forgo revisions and research in order to save time as a result. 

  • Sadly, most students give in to this pressure and are unable to deliver enough scores for the remaining CA Intermediate group/CA Final exams.


  • Try to write down the topics while you prepare; this develops the habit of writing slowly.
  • The worst-case situation would be to sit through a three-hour exam where every second counts and you must struggle to write concepts.



  1. Wasting time on one question
  2. Not reading the question and the given instruction properly
  3. Not showing your working of the question.
  4. Not managing time properly
  5. Misinterpreting the question
  6. Not presenting the answer properly in the exam



  1. Organize your answer, then write an introduction, a paragraph or points, and a conclusion.
  2. There should be a direct relationship between word count and marks.
  3. Highlight important words or words in your answer.
  4. Separate the answers with spaces.
  5. Always use a pencil and ruler to create tables and diagrams.
  6. Where short forms are not permitted, avoid using them.
  7. For the entire paper, use the same Link.
  8. Provide the correct units, such as cm, rs, or meters.
  9. If your answer is lengthy, begin a new one from the new page.
  10. Make sure the answer number is legible in the left margin of your document.



You will surely pass the exam if you create a productive study atmosphere, make and follow a strategy, use the right study resources, allot time for revision, and maintain your composure throughout the exam.

Make sure to understand more about tests and study strategies that will enable you to achieve better outcomes by adhering to the proper CA final preparation plan.


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