Difficulty Students Face Preparing For CA Exams

One must keep in mind that CA is not just like any other accounting course. Everyone knows that passing the CA Exams is not that simple. After the declaration of the Result, there are a few happy faces of candidates who’ve managed to clear the exams. Their hard work has been rewarded and they are charged up for a good career ahead.

But after the results of the very same exam, there are many sad faces as well, of the candidates who were not able to clear the exams. There are many reasons why so many students face this and this can be traced back to their preparation. CA Exam Series in this article explores a few of them: -

  1. No Proper Strategy

Students enroll in a course but somehow, they don’t focus much on the strategy part. Most of the students get overwhelmed by the vastness of the course itself. CA Exam Series however can help you in strategizing and planning your study schedule with a help of a study planner.

  1. Wrong Selection of Course Material

Students tend to go through multiple books as they believe the more books, the more knowledge they will get but that is just wrong. All these books have the same thing written in different languages. You will get very confused about the labyrinth of the material. It is always recommended to go through the ICAI material that they provide on their website however if you feel you are not able to understand the language then one extra book is what you need to pass the exam.

  1. Not Revising Enough

Students often think revising is not necessary but most people just don’t understand how underrated and important Revision is. The CA Syllabus is vast and intrinsic so it is better to revise it so as not to get confused. The revision also helps in boosting your confidence. With the CA Exam series, you can revise the Full Syllabus 3 times.

  1. CA Test Series

It is criminal to not attempt CA Test Series while you are preparing for your exam. How would you know how much you actually remember what you have studied? Are you able to use the concepts you learned in the course material? Do you clearly understand all the concepts of each chapter? Do you have the patience to sit through the whole examination time without getting nervous?

CA Test Series are very important as they not only challenge you but also give you the confidence to attempt more CA Test Series. CA Exam Test Series provides you with the Best CA Test Series. Our CA Test Series are prepared by subject experts and are based on the latest ICAI pattern. The CA Test Series has more than 60% of questions similar to the ICAI Exam paper.

  1. Delay in Feedback

Every time you submit your answer sheet for CA Test Series you get the feedback and marks in 2-3 days by that time students forget what they wrote. They hesitate to take another exam as they wait for one to come with feedback on which they will improve and many more reasons make them waste their 3 precious days. CA Exam Series is the only CA Test Series that will provide you your Answer Sheet Scores and Feedback within 59 minutes so you don’t waste any more time and improve as soon as possible.


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