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  • 07 Sep 2022

The exam for chartered accountants is one of the most challenging in India, and the level of difficulty is increasing regularly. The new course's level has increased as well thanks to our acclaimed ICAI. The Chartered Accountant Profession is one that everyone admires due to its reputation in the industry. There is no easy way to pass this course; you must put in a lot of effort.

Planning: Lack of appropriate planning causes many students to drop out of CA. Because they never considered their alternatives and instead chose to go with the flow, students who have finished their studies in the 12th grade frequently struggle to pick how and where to next. Adequate counsel is necessary for choosing a career.

Study Guide: The business is home to a large number of teaching facilities for the CA Exam. By serving as CAs, the bulk of lecturers help the students understand the courses realistically. Some of them are experienced professors, so they can teach you about life and careers. But many pupils reject and don't read the reading material. Since the bulk of exam subjects are related to study content, students who fail their examinations lose interest and give up on careers as certified public accountants.

Multiple Groups: The ICAI holds its tests in a number of groups twice a year. There are two groups for the final test and two groups for the combined intergroup exam, and each group gets four exams. Students contemplated addressing both groups at once with a succinct message. It takes a lot of work and planning to succeed in both areas. Each student must evaluate their own skills and decide carefully whether to join both groups or only one after carefully weighing their options. It is better to give one group and pass the exam than to give both groups and fail the exam.

Multiple Attempts: As was already noted, if a student choose both options and fails the exam, they can become discouraged and try more than once in the future. It might seem boring to read the same book over and over, but if a student has the skills and confidence to pass both groups, they should try.

Poor Advice: False or haphazard recommendations to take the CA are made to students by family members, friends, and neighbours. Giving poor counsel might lead to CA leaving. If hardworking students can't focus on reading for 10 hours, they can think about alternative streams or courses instead of the CA. A qualified and compassionate CA will thoroughly evaluate pupils and provide direction.

Stupid decisions: Some students discover that CA is not their cup of tea. They enlist because their family or other people pressured them to do so, but after completing their articles or learning the information, they changed their minds and quit the CA. Afterward, more people decide they don't want to pursue CA or want to change jobs.

Distractions: In today's world, there are numerous sources of distraction, including cell phones, Netflix, gatherings with family and friends, movies, and parties. Students must refrain from this diversion. CA demand a lot of work; this distraction will keep you away from books. Although students won't read books all day, these pursuits can be made in moderation. While on sabbatical from their articleship for a few months, the student must completely shun all extraneous distractions in order to study for exams. It will make your life better if you put away your phone and Netflix for a while.