6 Bad Habits Every Ca Student Should Quit Immediately

Fighting out an All-Nighter

  • When exams are near, lack of time seems to be a common theme. During preparation, student responsibilities, tasks, and social activities often take priority, which leaves some students with just a few hours to study before an exam.

  • These condensed hours can lead students to pull all-nighters which, over time, can have a negative effect on their sleep patterns. Students need to rest before an exam because sleep helps the brain process and retain information learned during the day.

  • During sleep, this information gets classified and stored, which becomes very important when a student really needs to recall details. Long study sessions without sleep are counterproductive because the brain can only retain the general aspects of the information.

  • On the other hand, several small study sessions allow students to retain more details about the subject being studied. Instead of these all-nighters, you can attempt CA Final Test Series For May / Nov 2023 to make you feel more confident about your preparation.

Living on “Energy Drinks”

  • Students tend to consume energy drinks, coffee, or tea to stimulate their brains, increase energy and improve concentration, but continuous stimulation of the brain in such a way increases the risk of dependence.

  • Moreover, energy drinks contain many harmful chemicals that can harm students’ health and can lead to increased anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and even cardiac arrest.

  • Whenever you are feeling bored or tired try solving a few CA Final Test Series For May / Nov 2023 they will definitely give you the pump and adrenaline.

No Balanced Diet

  • You are what you eat, but lack of time, poor motivation, or lack of knowledge can lead to poor eating habits. Fast food contains many empty calories and high levels of fat, sugar, and salt.

  • The body needs good sources of energy to support its daily function.

  • An individual who does not consume the right nutrients will tire more quickly, which will directly affect their ability to concentrate and study effectively.

Getting Distracted by Surroundings

  • Most students underestimate how much their immediate surroundings affect their ability to study. Distractions have a negative influence on study time and quality of learning.

  • It is important to eliminate all forms of distraction, including mobile devices, television, and computers when trying to focus on studying.

  • Students should make every effort to study in a quiet environment that minimizes distractions.

No Sense of Time Management

  • Time management is an essential skill for any CA aspirant, hence the importance of creating a weekly schedule to balance time devoted to study, rest, physical activities, social and family events, etc.

  • Some students use a table or agenda to structure their time over the week. Good time management reduces stress, promoting better learning during the term.

Not Asking for Help

  • Need a little help preparing for exams? Get support from CA Exam Test Series. We provide a counseling session with a qualified CA who can help you in figuring out your journey.

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