Should I Join The Test Series For Ca Inter?

Today we have to go to discuss why test series is important for CA Inter exams. And what are the benefits for the students in exams? Many of the few compliant that since you are not very well prepared, you have a fear of starting test series.

Why is that fear, the thing is that Fear arises from the fear of failure, you think that if you attempt test series. You may not be able to perform as per expectation and your confidence will go down. That will be the only reason most of the students do not give the test series but the thing is that if you don’t know:

  • How to attempt an exam?

  • How to performing that subject?

  • What is your weakness & strength in a particular subject?

  • How to write an exam?

  • How to manage time for the final exam?

Then how can give your best in the final exam? If you are going to Crack a CA Exam, you require a lot of preparation and practice, which is possible only with the CA Inter Test Series.No one improves their performance until they know the weakness.

Surveys say only 13% of the students in CA write Test Series for CA Inter however 85% agree that writing test series is a very important part of CA preparation. Test series get help to know 'where it went wrong' instead of just 'it went wrong'.

Some students think that only when our preparation is complete, we will join the Test series for CA Inter. This is the miscomprehension in your mind. If you attempt test series rather than thinking “No, I am not prepared, and let me prepare some more.” Then, you have to know that preparation never comes to an end. Even till the date of the exam.

CA syllabus is too lengthy at the last movement you might feel like you left something. you never feel confident about exams. But the test series for CA Inter help take your confidence to the next level and help to improve exam tempered.

The benefit of Test Series for CA Inter:

As you solve multiple test series for different chapters you don’t realize that you are revising the syllabus as well because you keep writing the answers in different ways and strengthening your grip over the concepts.

Test series help to know the right time required to stop slogging over a question. Estimating how much time to spend on each question, you can learn thoroughly by taking a test paper.

Test Series for CA Inter from CA Exam Test Series is the best in the industry as they have ICAI level difficulty along with 60% similar questions to the CA Exam itself. CA Exam Test Series also had 88.9% positive results in the last CA attempt which only boosts their credibility.

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