How To Choose Test Series For CA Inter?

CA Mock Test Papers give you an idea of the structure of the paper going to come in your exam. This makes you better equipped to handle the exam. Different questions carry different marks, and which question to attempt can be decided on the basis of the weightage of the question. When you give the Test Series for CA Inter, you get to know how many and what type of questions you will get in the exam. The type of questions, which questions consist of how many marks, and how many questions you have to attempt, all become clear when you have had a practice through Test Series. Here’s what you should be looking for when you chose Test Series for CA Inter:

Credibility: You need to know whether the platform that you have selected is really even good it's just on the website or the brochures. For instance, CA Exam Series had a positive result of 88.9% in the previous CA exam. This proves how authentic the platform is.

Test Series Pattern: When you are planning to give an exam that is as hard as CA, you need to be sure that you have everything that is up to date and current. You can't be practicing test series for the CA Inter exam which were made the previous year or before that. As we all know ICAI introduces a new syllabus every year and that's why you need to make sure that the test series that you choose follows the latest pattern.

CA exam series has test papers that are prepared not just by subject experts but chartered accountants from all over the country and All India Rank holders. The mock exams are curated in such a way that they not only follow ICAI's latest guidelines but also match the difficulty level. Any test series for CA Inter from CA Exam Series is nothing less than giving the ICAI intermediate level exam itself.

Perks: Not only this, the best part about the test series from CA exam series is that there is about 60 to 70% similarity with the ICAI exam which means that you have already seen or been through more than half of the questions in your exams.

When you are preparing for CA inter exam you need more than mock papers. Well. with CA Exam Series you get so much more and here are the perks:

  • You get one on one Mentor training with daily, weekly, and monthly targets. 
  • You get the option of Individual Chapter Wise Test Series
  • You get the option of having Detailed Chapter Wise Test Series which has the full syllabus of each subject.
  • You get a study planner for 3 months with specifies what to study on which day for how many hours. The planner also includes the timing for your breaks. Guess what to top it off the planner is made specially customized just for you.

Big Surprise:

Now here is something nobody is offering or should we say nobody can offer in a very long future. Generally, once you submit your answer sheets after doing test you get feedback in 3 days but with CA Exam Series after you submit a Test Series for CA Inter you get that detailed feedback with improvements and suggested answers within 59 minutes. Now that is about 720% faster than anybody else and that speed is not just for us it's for you as well because now you improve 720% faster than everybody else.

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