How To Choose Ca Final Elective Paper?

This is an open-book, case study-based paper. The choice of the subject is to be made by the students. Students can select purely on the basis of their interest, passion, and the field they would want to pursue their career after clearing Chartered Accountancy. Students, however, should also attempt a few ca mock test series before going for the exam. Here are the six options that a student can from while deciding on what elective subject to go for:

Paper 6A - Risk Management

This paper focuses on the practical aspects of risk-related issues in the business environment - an area that is of much importance if you want to build a career in the insurance sector or consultancy services. If you look at the course content, it has much in common with SCMPE, SFM, Audit, and Logic.

Paper 6B - Financial Services and Capital Market

It deals with providing knowledge of the financial services sector - banks, mutual funds, alternative investment funds, and other financial intermediaries. So, it is naturally the most preferred Elective for anyone looking for a career in financial services, banking, capital markets, or consulting.

Paper 6C - International Taxation

This is a favorite Elective Paper for a lot of CA students, because of the content worth 30 marks also being there in the compulsory Direct Tax Paper (Paper 7). But this paper is quite heavy on tax rules, circulars, notifications, and case laws. Not to forget, transfer pricing forms an important part of the paper.

Paper 6D - Economic Laws

This paper is a perfect choice for anyone aspiring for a career in the legal domain - be it as a Company Secretary or a Corporate Lawyer, or an Insolvency professional. This paper has a lot in common with the Law Paper (Paper 4).

Paper 6E - Global Finance Reporting Standards

This paper lets the students develop their knowledge in application of the international financial reporting standards. So. this would be of interest to anyone looking for a career in the core domains of Accounting or Auditing.

Paper 6F - Multidisciplinary Case Study

As the name suggests, the question paper is highly dynamic and unpredictable, with case studies coming from the fields of accounting, auditing, taxation, law, finance, strategy, management, etc.

Now that you have a fair idea about the different electives hopefully you can make a choice. Also just choosing the elective is not just the job done. Even for an elective you need to practice online mock tests. CA Exam Test Series can help you in attempting the ca mock test series which will give you an experience of the actual exam. Also, the CA Online Mock Test is prepared by Subject Experts and is based on the latest ICAI pattern. You get the option of attempting both Individual Chapter Wise Tests and Full Syllabus Tests so you can know what to write. We know that this will be an open-book test but we provide results for your tests in 99 min with feedback so you can improve on your presentation as well.

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