How To Write Answers In Ca Foundation Law Paper?

A CA student first encounters the field of law during CA Foundation. The presentation and style of writing answers in the test are important factors in determining whether or not a student will receive decent marks on the Law paper, in addition to learning and comprehending the fundamental concepts and requirements. This article seeks to discuss this topic.

Theoretical questions are direct questions based on the concepts. These questions do not require any special preparation but instead, require a set approach to writing them. You can learn them by joining with CA Exam Test Series and attempting our Mock test series for ca final.

Write the answer in point format. Underline the heading and leave a line after every point. Write examples wherever required. It is very important to read and understand the question clearly in the first reading itself. Mock test series ca final from CA Exams will help you understand the nitty-gritty of the topic and help you write clear and concise answers. For this, while reading the question, one should clearly identify the requirement of the question and try to recollect the topics or topics to which the question relates.

Students writing the CA Foundation exams are required to follow certain best practices and guidelines set by ICAI pertaining to the use of stationary and other essentials. Here are some pointers:

  • Only black ink is to be used for writing the answers. Earlier both black and blue ink was allowed, but no more.

  • You’re not supposed to use colorful markers, highlighters, sketch pens, or any other colored pen.

  • You can use pencils for drawing graphs, charts, diagrams, etc. But make sure not to use a pencil for writing answers.

  • You are allowed to use any basic calculator with up to six functions, two memories, and 12 digits, but scientific calculators are not permitted. You can still do some tricky calculations, such as finding the nth/cube root of a number, on a simple calculator.

  • Break your answer into 3 paragraphs

Paragraph 1: Mention the section number, the Name of the Case Law (if any), and the theory to which the question or case relates.

Paragraph 2: In the second paragraph, discuss the facts of the case and arrive at the solution.

Paragraph 3: The final conclusion or recommendation should be mentioned in this paragraph. The conclusion can be written in just 2-3 sentences. You need not mention the provisions again as the conclusion is not a place to introduce new arguments. You can practice answering by solving the Full Syllabus Mock test series ca final.

  • It is crucial to carefully read and comprehend the question.

  • Clearly state the question's requirement and make an effort to map out the topic or issues the case is attempting to cover.

  • Make an effort to recall all the specific information you would need to discuss in order to justify your final conclusion for the case study.

Consider the flow in which you would like to offer your answer once you have all the components in your head. When answering case study questions, you must have a logical structure and clear justifications supported by the law.


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