Get Exemption In Ca Foundation Law

Law is a subject that most students take for the first time in their academic careers, so it is crucial for students to understand the strategies to be used to excel in a subject like law. The CA Foundation is the first step towards becoming a professional for students right after they pass their 12th grade. Based on an examination of previous attempt results and student feedback, it is abundantly clear that among all other CA foundation courses, law receives one of the lowest scores. So how do you do well in law school?

Reading Pain

Go your reading materials out and get to reading. If you get it right away, great; if not, don't stress about it and simply try reading it without giving the understanding part too much thought. Remember to read it out loud rather than simply reading it. If you begin reading it aloud, there's a good possibility you'll nod off. However, reading it aloud helps you remember what you've read by forging a connection between the written and spoken words. This will certainly help while solving the CA Foundation Test Series and when you are stuck at a point.

Conceptual Understanding

Since the law is a theoretical subject, it is important to have conceptual clarity in order to understand how the law is being interpreted or what a given piece of the law is trying to say. Additionally, examples and case studies can aid in a better comprehension of the applicability of a specific law. Since the majority of the exam questions are case study-based rather than plain, it is important to focus on conceptual clarity rather than simply memorizing answers. This is because the goal of these questions is to gauge the student's conceptual understanding of the law.

Make summary notes.

It is advised to make summary notes during initial reading and mark the keywords you believe must be included in the answers because it would not be possible to go through the entire bare act during revision. Additionally, a section chart should be created to ensure that every section acts wisely since this can be quite beneficial for the goal of memorization. Although writing sections can undoubtedly give one an advantage over other competitors, it is best to just quote section numbers only if you are confident because doing otherwise could give the wrong impression.

Practice questions

Most students often commit this mistake. They just read question-answer basis but ICAI is not going to ask you the direct questions. Before giving the answer, you have to understand the intention of the examiner over the questions and understand what he wants and this understanding needs practice a lot. Therefore, practice with the CA Exam Test Series along with revision test papers. The free test series for the ca foundation in Nov 2023 is the best resource. Also, It is advisable to refer to question papers of the previous 2 years and not beyond that.


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