Get Exemption In Ca Final Law And Audit Nov 2024

The Law paper at CA Final is very applicative based & involves a mix of conceptual questions as well as several practical case studies that test your application throughout the syllabus. Besides the course material keep it a priority to practice the CA Test Series.

While studying for CA Final law, it becomes important to prioritize the topics to ensure that your mind space is not overwhelmed and that you make the best out of your ability to memorize well.

Go through the study material and suggested answers provided by ICAI and understand what kind of answers are expected from you. The presentation matters a lot. The marks you score depend on the adherence to the language used by the institute in its content

It is a myth among students that you have to write a bookish language. Be practical students, you cannot remember such language for a long. So, you can use your language but the keywords in the answers should not be replaced.

Because only a basic understanding of the provision is examined at the IPCC/CA Intermediate level, it is not required to write the section number or SA number. However, at the Final level, the ICAI mandates that the experts cite the section number or SA Number and name. It is important to appropriately provide both the solution and the case law. Well, the majority of students make this error. They write the name and provide the case law conclusion directly.

However, you should start by summarizing the case's facts before going on to describe the circumstances or issue at hand. Write the case's resolution or outcome last. This presentation will make it easier for the examiner to evaluate your paper and will help you get good grades. To practice this, you can attempt the online test series CA from CA Exam Test Series. You will get detailed feedback with answer suggestions from a qualified subject expert within just 99 minutes.

The importance of revision equals that of completion of the course. If you don't give your course timely revision, your efforts will be in vain. It gives you the feeling that you are in control of the prepared subjects. You might not be able to finish one or more of these topics, but the ones you have finished will be easy to remember in the exam. Plan your study carefully and schedule revisions accordingly. With CA Exam Test Series, you can revise the full syllabus 3 times which can give so much boost to your confidence on the topics.

After completing your course, you should start practicing the Online Test Series CA. Practicing papers at home will help you in improving your answer as well you can manage speed in your exams. With CA Exam Test Series, you can give Individual Chapter Wise Series and Full Syllabus Series with more than 60% similar questions to the CA Final Law Exam. Solve the Online Test Series for CA of this attempt and 3 past attempt question papers.

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