CA Foundation Study Time Table For Nov 2024

You should have a CA Foundation study timetable that includes daily, weekly, and monthly preparation plans. Make sure to allot sections for CA Exams Test Series in the study timetable. A prerequisite for the Chartered Accountancy Course is the CA Foundation exam. You must first pass the exam if you wish to become a chartered accountant. Because of the low passing marks and negative marks, passing the Foundation exam is currently a difficult task. In order to pass the Foundation exam on the first try, students must have a prepared study timetable.

A study timetable is a detailed time allocation based on subjects and free time. Setting precise and well-defined learning objectives also benefits the student who is preparing for CA Foundation. Therefore, as a student, you should schedule off days and times so that you may fully focus on your studies. Additionally, the study timetable will hold you responsible for your learning results.

CA Foundation self-study plan: Rather than relying on the lecturer's elaborate examples, one can better understand a subject by using examples that are relevant to him or her personally. Learn at your own pace using your own self-study timetable. While students learn at varying rates, courses are delivered in teaching centers at the normal pace.

In your own self-study timetable for CA Foundation, you are not required to adhere to anyone else's schedule or restrictions. You are free to study that subject whenever you feel like it, without anyone's consent. Your personal study environment. Some prefer to read while walking, others while standing, and some while lounging on a chair.

Create a customized Study Schedule

Many study timetables and plans for the CA Foundation are presumably already available online. It's better to avoid falling for them because there isn't a single routine that will be effective for everyone. Make up your own regimen to avoid wasting the time and effort you could expend following someone else's.

As seasoned CA mentors, we are aware that creating a study timetable on one's own can be a little intimidating for aspirants. To assist you design your own unique study plan based on your target date for finishing the syllabus, the number of hours required, the days that require revision, the days that require a mock exam, and other factors, we have introduced a free app and web-based study planner tool. You may start making your own CA Foundation study timetable right away by checking out the study planner tool here or you could talk to us directly. Inform us about the no. of hours you wish to study, no, of subjects you can study in a day, and at what time you want to study. Shortly, you will get a customized study timetable that is made according to you.

There must be revisions and test series in your study timetable for CA Foundation

Let's get one thing out of the way first. The importance of revision and the CA Test Series cannot be overstated if you want to pass the CA Foundation exams on the first attempt. Without revisions, you run the risk of forgetting what you've previously learned, especially given how extensive the syllabus is. Because of this, allow yourself at least 30 days for revisions and ca exams test series in your study timetable for CA Foundation.

Study timetable for Repeaters of CA Foundation

There's no need to give up hope if you weren't able to pass the CA Foundation Test Series on your first try. You are capable of doing it. Finding your preparation's weak points and focusing on them is key in your own study timetable.

First off, you should know that the advice we provided to beginners also applies to you. See if you missed anything by analyzing the previous part again after your previous preparation. For instance, you must make amends if you skipped revisions this time. Start making your own notes if you haven't already.

Things to Focus on while making a Study time table

1. Calculation mastery: A CA student should be familiar with calculator tips. Time will be saved, and more questions may be attempted. Keep a section for learning calculators in your study timetable as the calculator is essential to the CA course since calculations must be completed quickly in the CA exams.

2. Speed and Accuracy: A CA Foundation candidate should concentrate on accelerating the rate at which they respond to answers. Accuracy is equally vital, along with speed improvement. Accuracy is what results in better grades. Only by answering a variety of questions and having a firm grasp of the material can speed and accuracy be achieved and that is why it is pertinent that you add time slots for test series in your study timetable.

3. Recognize the Concept: One of the most crucial factors in receiving high scores is concept clarity. Despite Papers 3 and 4 being objective exams, it is necessary to comprehend the ideas in order to correctly respond to the multiple-choice questions (MCQ).

4. Paper presentation: You must submit your answer sheets in a clear and organized manner for the professional tests. There are two subjective papers and two objective papers from CA Foundation. Cutting should be avoided while presenting subjective articles well. Instead, take accurate working notes, complete rough tasks on rough sheets, and create tables and accounts using a pencil. Make sure to add a point to improve upon the paper presentation in your study timetable as our answer sheet should be organized because there is step-by-step marking, which will help you get good grades.

Guidelines for a 1-month study plan for CA Foundation


Always keep in mind that you must thoroughly wrap up every topic so that you can leave with a strong sense of clarification. Your self-confidence will quickly increase as a result. You must dedicate 5–6 hours of your time in your 1-month study plan to this subject in order to prepare effectively and do well in it.

After 30 days of study, those who adhere strictly to their 1-month study plan and plan their studies accordingly will undoubtedly pass the Foundation exam. Give this topic 6-7 days and 7-8 hours per day in the 1-month study plan so that you can finish the entire syllabus without feeling rushed. Obtain additional time to review the critical areas.


Microeconomics in Economics is a little trickier, and candidates must put in a lot of effort in the 1-month study plan for CA Foundation to grasp the ideas. This is because it might have the ability to shoot different inquiries in different directions.

Even so, you can simply make up lost time while reading about macroeconomics later in the 1-month study plan. Studying never wastes time, so put in both hard work and smart work. If you act accordingly, we can tell you that success in the CA Foundation exam is never far away.


The majority of the Foundation's high scorers stated that they appreciated it since it provided fantastic guidance on how to use the people. Due to its relevance to everyday life and conditions, legal information is readily available in books.

After spending 10–11 days according to your 1-month study plan, it doesn't take as long to comprehend law today, thus 5 days should be plenty to read and thoroughly learn the key concepts of it.


Since accounting is not a simple subject, create a 1-month study plan and go through each topic one at a time. Understanding the principles and behaviors takes more time and effort. Since this is a numerical section, as is well known, you cannot assess your level of study without practice. As we mentioned previously, practice and the essential concepts are a little more challenging than others after the first 15 days. Therefore, 8–9 days and 7-8 hours each day are plenty to cover this material in the 1-month study plan for CA Foundation.

If candidates can adhere rigorously to this plan and timeline, the entire syllabus will now be finished. The remaining days will then allow you time to go over what you have read so far. Attempting the mock exam test series is the most effective technique to review a large amount of material.

CA Foundation Study Plan for 3 months

Create a schedule: The first thing you need to do is plan out a CA Foundation study plan for 3 months. The time that students spend each day should be divided up between the chapters and the subjects. It's not necessary to spend the entire day studying. You ought to make time for yourself as well in your 3 months study plan. Your hobbies will keep you alert and refreshed for an hour.

Thoroughly Revise the CA Foundation syllabus and topics: Prior to beginning revision, follow your 3 months study plan. Check your CA Foundation Syllabus and subjects very carefully. In order to work on the 3 months study plan, you must select which topics require more time and which topics are more important. Your 3 months study plan will become more thorough as a result.

Start your study with the best CA Foundation books: The majority of students simply do as they are instructed during coaching. You are doing well by sticking to your CA Foundation Coaching Pattern.

Get the notes ready: Make notes on the subjects that will make it easier for you to learn in your study plan for 3 months. Making notes and having good notes for the exam will speed up your learning. Yes, we are aware that taking notes requires a lot of time and that you may believe it is a waste of time. But keep in mind that you won't study all of your books again during the last month of CA Foundation preparation. These CA Foundation study guides will come in handy while you're busy. a crucial thing to keep in mind when implementing the 3 months study plan.

Give Objective Papers More Time: For the majority of students, objective papers come across as simple. But keep in mind that these are the areas where you will either earn or lose points so put more focus on them in your CA Foundation 3 months study plan. The objective-type questions are the basis of CA Foundation Papers 1 and 3.

Do not overlook the CA Exams Test Series: You shouldn't ever forget to complete the CA Exams Test Series if you truly wanted to succeed in the Nov 2024 Examination by following your study plan for 3 months. You can improve your preparation by using the CA Foundation Test Series. You can increase your self-assurance by using practice tests.

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