Get Exemption In Ca Inter Advanced Accounting

Are you prepping for Advanced Accounting and struggling to understand the concepts and methods related to basic accounting such as partnership accounts, buyback accounting, banking accounts, consolidation accounting and etc? Advanced accounting in CA inter exams is the easiest subject that can be easily passed and you can also score well just by following a few instructions that we are offering now. By passing this exam you can excel the accounting techniques and become a pro accountant in the future.

  1. Make the list by categorizing the important and lengthy chapters in one list and those that are small and can be easily prepared in another. You can easily prepare by making the sections and then prioritizing them as per their importance and length.

  2. The first topic that you should select in advanced accounting is those that fall in the category of 25-30 marks questions. Prepare them first since they can take up to 30% marks in your exam.

  3. Now you can pick up the questions that have the value of 35-40 marks. The company accounts topics are easy in comparison to partnership accounts. You can pick them based on topic preferences. You can take Issues and Redemption of debentures, liquidation of companies, amalgamation, internal reconstruction, ESOPs, etc.

  4. Now when you are done with the above tasks you can take up the other topics that contain 15-20 marks at maximum. Go through the problems by solving CA Inter Test Series from CA Exam Test Series and prepare them by solving them not just by revising. Prepare from the previous years' papers and also give CA inter mock test series.

  5. The next step should be taken when you are finished with the above chapters and start preparing 16 marks questions.  Preparing them by solving CA Inter Online Test Series Free is very important since they add marks just by solving easier questions.

  6. The chapter's Branch and departmental accounts should be prepared in the last since they carry 8 marks questions which can be prepared easily.


  • There are no options like preparing and leaving some chapters. You will have to prepare each and every chapter to excel in the course. Do not think about the exceptions rather prepare well for the exams without making a choice.

  • It is important that you study the course material in detail since most of the questions come directly from the course material.

  • Attempting the CA Inter Test Series is another important task that you have to do to score well. Do it as many times as you can because the practice will make you perfect and lessen the time of solving the questions.

Advanced accounting in CA inter exams is a practical subject so you should focus more on practical rather than anything else. 60% of the important questions can come from the CA Inter Online Test Series Free from CA Exam Test Series so try doing that as well.

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