How To Choose The Best Test Series For Ca Inter?

CA Intermediate or CA Inter is the second level course of the Chartered Accountancy exams. It consists of two groups of four subjects each. After clearing CA Foundation, a student becomes eligible to register for the ICAI CA Intermediate course. While preparing for the CA course, Intermediate is the first stage that equips the students with in-depth knowledge of the various aspects of Finance and Accounting.

Typically, CA students spend a lot of time at home studying for exams. However, the tests call for strong muscles and good writing speed. The practice of intermittent writing is crucial. CA Inter Test Series is an excellent technique to enhance your writing speed and make your hand muscles active.

Learning formulas and concepts doesn't provide outcomes unless you plan how to use them. Mock exams offer the ideal chance to evaluate your readiness and pinpoint your weak points.

Best Test Series for CA Inter also assist you in getting into exam mode so that you are prepared for any surprises or shocks that may arise during the real test. Exam, mistake, and failure-related fears can all be conquered with the aid of practice exams.

Various points that one should consider while choosing the best test series for CA Inter:

ICAI Exam Pattern: Mock tests are not just for writing practice. And that is why quality matters. The questions should be as per the ICAI structure and as per the latest syllabus + amendments.

Difficulty should be Challenging: You would ideally want the level of difficulty to be at least as difficult as the ICAI paper. Best Test Series for CA Inter is a tool to help you feel more certain that your preparation is on the correct road. Your confidence will increase significantly if you pass a mock exam that is even harder than the ICAI exam papers.

Time of Evaluation: One of the major factors is the time the test conductor takes to evaluate the paper. While the standard time should be about 2-3 days, most test series conductors do not adhere to this timeline. But with CA Exam Test Series once you submit the answer sheet you get your result in just 99 minutes. Your time of improvement becomes so fast and you come very far ahead of others.

Quality Feedback: One of the major reasons why you would want to opt for the best test series for CA Inter is to get feedback from the faculty regarding the level of answers you are writing, and indirectly, the level of your preparation and areas of improvement. CA Exam Test Series have qualified subject experts, mentors, and CAs who provide important feedback so that you can improve with each answer.

With CA Exam Test Series some more perks that you will be getting after joining. A comprehensive study planner will be provided, which will help to revise the entire CA Inter exam syllabus three times. Weekly and monthly targets will be provided to each student Individually along with a mentor. A topper sheet for each CA Inter test paper and All India Ranking will be provided to each student. Suggested answers will be provided for each test paper covering stepwise points to be included.

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