Which is the Best Test Series for CA Exams?

The Chartered Accountants Exam is one of the toughest and most grueling exams in the country. Thousands of aspirants attempt this paper twice every year for the Foundation, Intermediate, and Final exams. There are multiple subjects with extensive syllabus to be covered. There is a lot of practice that is required before you sit to attempt the exam. The best way to prepare for it is to start with the Test Series.

Why Do You Need CA Exam Test Series?

You put so much effort into finishing all the subjects. You go through such a mountainous syllabus but how would you know if you are ready for the exam or not? CA Exam Test Series is definitely going to help you in this process. Your next question would be ‘Why is the Test Series from CA Exams the best?’ Well, let me tell you, the CA Exam Series prepares you for the actual exam as the question in the test series are 60% similar to what you get in your CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final Exam. We have served more than 50,000 aspirants in achieving their goals. All test papers are designed by the Subject Experts as per ICAI's Latest pattern.

CA Exam Series provides you with:

  1. 5 Individual Chapter Wise Tests for Each Subject so as you are going ahead with your course material you can check your knowledge in real time by taking the tests.
  2. The test series also help you in Planning your Journey as you understand which subject requires more effort from you and which subjects are your strength.
  3. With the CA Exam Test Series, we also provide a Counselling Session by a Chartered Accountant with whom you can share your doubts and get clarity on them.
  4. Your Exams get evaluated by Qualified Chartered Accountants themselves within 24 hours which means quick professional feedback to improve.
  5. Not only Chapter Wise Test but you also get a Full Syllabus Test of each Subject which would give you the exact feel and environment of an actual CA Exam. This would be very beneficial as it would help you in getting used to pressure situations that might come while attempting your exam.

Importance of Test Series

Along with all the aforementioned perks that you get, the CA Test Series will be essential in Planning your Study Schedule. Here you have the chance of Revising the whole syllabus not just once or twice but3 items. All this revision would then boost your confidence which finally makes you ready for the Exam. Now that the next dates of CA Exams are scheduled in May this is the perfect time for you to sign up at CA Exams to get the maximum out of the resources that will be provided to you. Also, on the occasion of Republic Day, we are running a Special offer and if you use code SAVE65 in the Offer code you get a whopping 65% off.  So, what are you waiting for? Chase your goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant with the CA Exam Series today.

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