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CA Intermediate Examination

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CA Intermediate Examination Dates For 2023

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is represented by ICAI (ICAI). All levels of ICAI exams and registrations are held twice a year. Typically, the ICAI exam takes place in May and November. The CA Exam is administered by the ICAI at three different levels: Foundation, ca intermediate examination, and Final. Candidates who successfully complete all three levels are awarded the title of Chartered Accountant.

One must successfully complete all three levels of the Chartered Accountancy course in order to legally and professionally practise CA. A CA course typically lasts 4 to 5 years to complete. Many students find it difficult to complete all three levels in one attempt, so they try again and again until they succeed. After completing grade 12, candidates can pursue a CA.

After registering to take the ICAI exam, students after the 12th grade must study for four months.

Important standards for timing of the CA Exams 2023

Candidates need to be aware of the following highlighted details regarding the exam dates. CA 2023- According to ICAI, the ca intermediate examination enrollment session is available year-round. Candidates are recommended to carefully consider the CA Final eligibility requirements and registration deadlines.

Filling out the exam application form thoroughly is necessary. Candidates must complete the exam form (with or without the corresponding session's late fee) in order to sit for the exam (at any session).

The ICAI's official website,, offers online access to and completion of the CA Final application form. It is anticipated that the registration process will be open until July 2023 for the November 2023 CA Final session.

Only when the registration period for a particular session has concluded does the ICAI make the ca intermediate examination test registration forms online accessible. The ca intermediate examination application for the November session will most likely be made accessible in October 2022.

The ICAI also offers the chance to edit an exam application form that has already been submitted. Anyone who filled out the exam form incorrectly or who wishes to edit something can do so within the correction window's availability (e.g., change in exam centre). The option to use the rectification window will only come once.

How can I check the 2023 CA Inter exam date?

  • Students can use the instructions below to find out when the CA test will be held in 2023.
  • Check on the CA Inter Exam Date Featured Image
  • Visit, the ICAI's main web page.
  • Check out the "important announcement" area at the bottom of the homepage.
  • There will be a PDF link for the 2023 CA inter exam date available (once released).
  • The above-mentioned link must be clicked in order to view the CA test schedule for 2023 on the next screen.
  • CA Inter exam date 2023 should be saved and printed out for future reference.

Instructions for the 2023 CA examination on exam day

When taking the ca inter exam papers, candidates must always have their ICAI CA admit card 2023 on hand. The only candidates who are permitted to download their admission cards are those who successfully finish the ca inter exam papers’ application. The ICAI will not mail any candidates a hard copy of their CA Final admittance card. It must therefore be acquired through the ICAI's official website.

Candidates should concentrate on finishing the complete course prior to the ca inter exam date and should be well-aware of their CA exam syllabus 2023 and the ca inter exam pattern. Additionally, the ICAI offers CA exams test tests series to help candidates comprehend the basic pattern of the paper. Candidates who have already enrolled for the November 2023 CA Inter Exam are eligible to take free practise examinations. This will be a bonus because it will raise their accuracy and confidence levels.

Last but not least, Candidates need to pay attention to the CA exam timings on the exam day. Try to arrive at the testing location 15 to 30 minutes prior to the exam's start time. Students must adhere closely to the guidelines of what items are allowed in the exam room that are listed on their admit cards. Most crucial, make sure you pass the exam in a legitimate and ethical manner.

CA Test Date 2023 - Important Information

According to their preferences and the availability of seats, candidates will be assigned to ICAI CA 2023 exam centres. The location and centre for the CA Inter exam 2023 will be disclosed on the admit card.

If a student later changes their exam location, they will not receive the updated 2023 ICAI CA admit card. The specifics won't change. However, in addition to the ID evidence and admission card, they must also present the authorization letter.


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