Why Do Most People Fail In Ca Exams?

According to the recent data shared by ICAI on January CA pass percentage, the success rate of ICAI exams is below 5%. No wonder why it is considered to be one of the toughest national exams in the country in the commerce domain. Each failure you encounter increases your wisdom and brings you one step closer to success. If you have this mindset, you will see failure differently. You will see each failure as an opportunity to learn.

One of the common reasons why students fail CA Exams is a lack of proper planning in terms of time management between different subjects, shortlisting the important topics, understanding and analyzing study material, wrongful interpretation of questions, and so on. CA Exam Test Series will provide you with a Study Planner to help you sort this out so you can focus only on studying.

Most of the students don’t give due value to the theory in the practical subject. So right amount of theory preparation in practical subjects is equally important. The best way to solve this issue is to prepare notes of frequently asked theory questions from Scanner. Mentors from CA Test Series will give you daily, weekly and monthly task so that you can focus both on Theory and Practical Subjects and you will also have to practice ICAI Online Test Series.

Students solve practical problems in the textbook by ticking the posting. In exams, we are not provided with answers that we have to verify. We have to actually write the answers. So, practice in a notebook and ensure that you complete the full question. Don’t leave halfway.

It’s okay if you’re referring to other resources, but don’t overlook ICAI items like practice guides, MTPs, and RTPs. Students should choose a book that their coaching centers recommend but never overlook the value of the ICAI’s CA study guide.

Many Rank Holders have said that they have scored rank because they have the proper and needed writing skills. Poor and weak presentation skill is another main reason for failure in ICAI Exams. So, work on your presentation skills otherwise, you will never realize what mistake you are committing in every attempt. You can practice the ICAI Online Test Series from caexams.in. Here, you can practice both the Individual Chapter Wise and Full Syllabus ICAI Online Test Series which have 60% similar questions in the ICAI exam.

Another basic study point is to give ample emphasis to a good revision plan. There is nothing in this world that can substitute a good revision plan. To succeed revision is a must. With CA Exam Test Series, you can revise the full syllabus 3 times.

One of the most important reasons for failure is the delay of feedback on the ICAI online test series from the various portals. Students get results in 2-3 days within which they lose motivation and forget most of the stuff they wrote in the answer sheet but CA Exam Test Series will provide you with Detailed Feedback and Suggested Answers in just 99 minutes so that you can improve with exponential speed.

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