b com with ca why is it a great idea?

Let's look at the advantages of pursuing a B.Com with a CA.

B.Com is a 3–4-year undergraduate programme that includes several areas that are also covered in the CA curriculum, such as financial accounting, business law, auditing, taxation, etc. While the B. Com course will help you learn the fundamental concepts of these topics, the CA programme will give you in-depth information and help you make sense of it all. You can get knowledge about these topics by combining the two.

You can apply for a variety of work options, including government ones, with a B.Com degree. When you apply for the above job prospects, your information technology training and CA Articleship experience under CA provide advantages and raise your selection chances. You will have the chance to pass competitive tests, civil service exams, etc. if you are a B.Com student.

As a holder of a B.Com degree, you are qualified to apply for several government aid programmes if you wish to launch your own business. You will be able to develop and manage your business with the support of your CA course topic knowledge and CA Articleship training experience. You can also handle your own regulatory compliances for your company, such as your income tax return, GST registration, GST return, MSME registration, etc. Additionally, you will be able to create a project report for your company in order to obtain a loan or other financial support from banks, government agencies, etc. for the working capital requirements of your company. You will avoid paying for business and financial consulting services. Additionally, the relationships you made throughout your CA Articleship will help you find customers for your business.

We are all aware that CA is one of the most difficult courses available. Few students are able to pass it on their first or second try. To pass the CA, many students make numerous attempts. Students who take longer than necessary to pass CA lose motivation and are no longer able to pursue other careers. A B.Com degree is highly beneficial in this case. If a student fails the CA after numerous attempts, he or she may choose to pursue alternative professional routes such as LLB, MBA, etc. He can transition to working for himself. Your protection against the risks involved with the CA Course is thus provided by a B.Com degree.

During your B.Com. graduating journey, you will meet a lot of wonderful people. You will benefit much from it after becoming a CA. Your contacts will assist you obtain a chance in the organisations where they would be working if you apply for a job post-CA. In addition, if you choose to practise after earning your CA, you will benefit from client referrals or direct work in the form of income tax returns, tax audits, tax planning, GST compliances, etc. from your contacts. Therefore, networking is crucial for a chartered accountant's career development. You have a space to network and make contacts during your B.Com journey.

If you have a B.Com degree and then pass the CA Exams, you can list your credentials in your CV or profile on a professional networking website (like LinkedIn) or CA directory by adding "CA., B.Com" after your name. It presents your professional identity in a favourable light to others. Many competent CAs who teach online coaching classes enjoy putting their degrees next to their names.

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