Strategy Before And During Exams


Timetable: It is particularly important to create a timetable and stick to the timetable as it will assist you in completing the preparation as per the scheduled date and time. CA Exam Test Series will help to create one for you and keep checking with you on the completion of topics.

Self-motivation: We need to sit for long hours studying we get demotivated easily so it's important to keep yourself motivated and away from distraction. Motivation can be either internal or external, but I would say internal motivation would be the best as it coaxes you to keep studying.

Revisions: In this aspect, it is recommended to complete the whole syllabus at least two months before the examination date so, that you would get abundant time to revise at least three times. Many suggest a three-time review of this subject as this is the minimum review that is needed to reminisce all concepts from the study modules.

Self-prepare notes: It is strongly recommended to prepare notes by yourself which would help you in revising the whole syllabus within a few hours. Self-prepared notes improve writing skills and speed of writing in the exam so this is like a double-edged sword that helps you in both the pre-exam phase and during the exam.

CA Final Best Test Series: CA Exam Test Series are the most recommended for practicing the CA Final Test Series which gives you an idea about the exam questions and also grasp the suggested answers hosted along with them, as it would help you understand answers that examiner is expecting from you for the given question. Solve Full Syllabus CA Final Best Test Series and Chapter Wise CA Final Best Test Series to get an edge over others as these test series have 60% similar questions to what you get in the ICAI exam.


This is the toughest phase that the student must go through as he would be having a lot of pressure and losing confidence even though he completed the first phase efficiently so it's particularly important to be poised about the exam and attempt it without any second thoughts.

15 minutes reading time: In the exam, you will be given 15 minutes additional time to read the question paper before starting the examination. Utilize these 15 minutes of additional time for reading the question paper and marking the questions that you will be able to attempt.

Correct answers first: In the case of Descriptive papers start the exam by answering the questions that you are confident in and then move to the partially confident questions and finally answer the difficult questions. As they say, “First impression is the last impression”, and this would be an accurate strategy for it.

Purge away from distractions: We do have a lot of distractions around us while writing the exams or even at the time of preparation but it's your responsibility to purge away from those distractions and give your best in the examination. The crux of this recommendation is to give you caution notice about distractions.

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