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toppers strategy for ca final indirect tax

  • 19 Sep 2022

The whole IDT subject is divided into 2 parts - GST and Customs. I think that students should first try to cover the customs portion first as it will help students to gain confidence that they have covered at least 30-35 marks of their paper in a proper way.

  1. Understanding Concept GST and customs both are based on conceptual clarity. As this subject is a mixture of practical part as well as theory part, I feel if students focus on concepts in a right direction, then they will never face any major issue related with the subject.
  2. Refer Institute's Material: This mistake is done by the majority of students. The basic point is that the body that is conducting the exams is Institute, so why is it so difficult to understand that the material provided by the Institute also stands of some importance? Covering syllabus through coaching notes is totally fine but students should also go through the practical problems given in the study material and ensure that the coaching notes cover 100% of the course. Don't totally rely on coaching notes.
  3. Solving Practical Problems GST and Customs both include the topic 'Valuation'. It is an important topic and there are various practical problems on this topic that are available. Around 16-20 marks comes from this single topic of both. Next important topic is ITC under GST. Every paper contains at least 8-10 marks of this topic and I also personally feel that every student must be clear about this topic as it is relevant in practical life also. Other topics like refund should also be looked after.
  4. Focusing on theory part as well Case studies, direct questions and answers, etc. all this is very important. So, focus on the theory part as well. Try to prepare handwritten notes because it will help to remember theory parts very easily. At the end of the day revise everything that you studied in your entire day.
  5. Solve CA Final test series. Since the last attempt, a lot of students have given strong supportive feedback for CA Exam Test Series as their MTPs and ICAI Exam have 60% similar questions. Students should not ignore this. They are very relevant and it helps students in solving practical sums and writing practice as well.
  6. Don't Ignore MCQs 30 marks are straight forward for MCQs which gives students benefit to score well in exams. Although students will have to study in detail because MCQs may come which might confuse students.

Exams related strategy

  • Always solve questions which you know really well.
  • It helps to impress the person who is checking the paper.
  • Try to complete the full question paper. But make sure that you are writing relevant things.
  • Never write anything which is irrelevant and makes no sense. Also, focus on presentation skills as well.
  • Write in a handwriting which is understandable. Try to quote sections. It helps to create a good impression. But in case you are not sure about the sections don't quote it.

Write crisp, precise and relevant answers to secure good marks.