CA Final Preparation Strategy in Brief

Chartered Accountant is one of the most prestigious designations you can obtain, so let us congratulate you for getting so close. Before we continue, please remember that the profession is highly honorable and that along with the advantages come the duties. The time for tests has returned, and we hope you have completed the last six months of your article ship training. You will be given time off to study for the exams during this time.  Maintain your concentration and keep studying since the exam is scheduled for November 2023. You can get advice from this article on how to effectively get ready for the November 2023 CA Final Exams

What should I study?

The CA-Final course is divided into two groups, each of which comprises four papers, for a total of eight subjects. As part of the revised approach, MCQs are now included in four papers and have a 30% weighting.

How should I study for each subject? When should I study?

You must have been familiar with subject-based test planning up to this point because you must have done it while getting ready for the CA-Foundation and CA-Inter levels. However, CA-Final is not for everyone, and only those with strong resolve and persistent effort will succeed at this level. You must have learned from your internship experience how crucial it is to plan a task before beginning it in order to execute it successfully and quickly. Therefore, until you receive the "CA" prefix, it is imperative that you plan and follow through.

Practical Subjects: 4 (May include few theoretical questions, but the majority will be practical)

  • Financial Reporting
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation
  • Direct Tax Laws and International Tax Laws

Theory Subjects: 4 (May include a few practical application questions, but the majority will be theory)

  • Corporate Laws and Economic Laws
  • Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics
  • Elective Paper
  • Advanced Indirect Tax Laws

No. of Hours to Study per Day: 12-14 Hours

  • You should aim for fewer or more hours depending on your ability to study all topics or appear only for one or a few groups.

Revise What You Learned

  • The secret to achieving the desired outcome is a revision of the entire syllabus. Because when you first study something, you grasp it, and when you revisit something, you can swiftly write the right answer when you're running low on time for the exam. Please find a study schedule for both groups below before your exam in November 2023.

Be Aware of the Following to Act as Planned:

  • Take two different subjects—one theoretical and one practical—to study.
  • Spend some time doing the activities you enjoy, such as writing, playing an instrument, or just listening to music.
  • Never forget to cover up if you failed to follow the schedule the day before, and never forget to treat yourself when you did.
  • Make a public announcement of your study schedule to your loved ones or friends so that they can remind you if you stray from it.

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