Does And Don'ts For Direct Law CA Final Preparation

It is undeniably difficult to pass the CA Final Direct tax exam, despite what many candidates believe. It calls for perseverance and constant hard work. To be prepared for the exam, you must create effective study plans and adhere to them diligently. When it comes to studying, being disciplined might actually help you gain a number of advantages.

We'll talk about strategies that will help you succeed and obtain the best possible grades. You put in the effort and dedication necessary to see the benefits of your efforts. The CA Test Series will guarantee that you complete the course fast and achieve high marks on the CA Final in both direct taxes and international taxation.

  • As this subject is vast, it is recommended to not study in a rush. It will take around 15 complete days at least. But those should be spread over other subjects in between. A systematic effort will be beneficial which means studying the subject every day or every alternate day for some time say 3 hours at least.

  • MCQs have to be studied which are given by the ICAI on the ICAI portal only. There is no need to study MCQs from anywhere else because it will be a waste of time and time is precious as you have to cover many subjects other than this.

  • Always attempt the easiest question first which you think you are MOST CONFIDENT about. When the paper checker starts checking your paper you surely wish to start with good impressions. With mock test ca final Nov 2023 from CA Exam Test Series solve the Full syllabus Test Series and practice as many questions as you like.

  • You can also solve the MCQs in the beginning or in between the paper but do not solve them at the end as they are the most scoring. While solving them have a look at the time because it should not take more than 35 minutes to solve them. Don’t think too much about them as it might create confusion. Read twice and mark the answer you think is correct.

  • Being a subject where there are amendments at almost every attempt, please go through all of them as they are quite important from an exam perspective. Only read the ICAI notified amendments that are mentioned on the ICAI portal as statutory updates. Solve CA Final Test Series to get the latest and best test series for CA Final Preparations.

  • One of the common mistakes of students is focusing too much on MCQs and studying them from various materials other than the material given by ICAI. It is very time-consuming and does not really help that much. If you cover the portion and understand the provisions you will be able to solve the MCQs nicely.

  • Don’t focus too much on the case laws as they are too much to remember and it is humanly not possible to remember each and everything in DT. Also remember that the decision is more important that the name of the case law.

  • One should not just study and go with the attitude to just pass the paper but the attitude should be to bring an exemption from it.

  • Quoting section numbers is also important so try to remember them as well as you can but do not write if you are not sure.

Remember ICAI is preparing question papers and checking as well so if you want to get away with the fear of the subject, solve a CA Final Mock Test Series you won’t be afraid.

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