Do This While Revising For Ca Exams

  • Prepare a list of concise notes for the exam day.

Making quick revision notes should be the initial step in the CA Final Study Strategy. Using a summary book or making your own handwritten notes on the day of the test are your two options for studying. If taking summary notes takes up too much of your time, use the summary modules the instructor has given. But keep in mind that you need to have studied all of the material you'll be using on test day. For the duration of the one-day preparatory leave, DO NOT USE NEW MATERIAL.

  • ICAI Online Mock Tests to be covered.

Chapter Wise ICAI Online Mock Tests and Full Syllabus ICAI Online Mock Tests must be discussed when the topic is finished. Take that into account when you rewrite. It will give you a realistic sense of how to approach the paper. Don't wait until you've finished all of your subjects before beginning ICAI Online Mock Tests. Instead, you should simultaneously cover Individual Chapter Wise CA Mock Test Series. It doesn't take too long because it simply covers one or two questions from each chapter. The last option is to use ICAI Online Mock Tests. CA is a wise course of action. It will be easier to prepare for the exam if you use last year's papers and CA Exam Test Series

  • The amendments are highlighted.

The ICAI constantly wants you to stay up to date on the laws and provisions, therefore don't skip the amendments. At first, attempt to keep them hidden. particularly in fields like DT, IDT, and law.

  • ISCA's acronyms

The majority of students think that their preparation for the CA Final's ISCA section is lacking. This could be because you're having problems memorizing technical terminology for the exam after preparing for them. As a result, you ought to memorize this material using mnemonic devices. You can Google it or consult some of your teachers' notes from when this subject was taught using mnemonics.

  • Coverage for AS, IND AS, and SA is required.

It's a crucial component of auditing and accounting. AS The reading time for IND AS and SA is shorter than those of the other parts. In addition, despite having exceptionally high scores, they never write the incorrect number of AS, IND AS, or SA. Try starting with just the name if you can't remember the number.

  • List the section numbers.

Given that you failed to record the section numbers, you might believe that your mark on IPCC was respectable. But students, this is the CA Final, not the IPCC, and the CA Final is five times harder. At the IPCC level, your knowledge of the sections is evaluated, but at the Final level, the ICAI wants you to be a specialist in every subject.


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