Are Ca Exams All About Memorizing?

Many CA students believe that the CA examinations are merely memory tests; the ICAI merely assesses your ability to store information in your brain and retrieve it when needed. Let's examine this concept a little more to determine its accuracy.

The ICAI syllabus includes a number of theory subjects, including Law, Audit, EIS, SM, and Tax, which people attempt to memorize. Yes, I agree that certain material needs to be memorized. Can you, however, classify the entire course as a game based on memory?

If you've reviewed the previous exams, you are already well aware of the New Syllabus's attempt to change the CA test from one that is mostly centered on theory to one that is more application-driven. The addition of case studies to courses like law and audit has been a significant advancement in this direction. You also have an elective paper for the CA Final that is completely on case studies. Therefore, you can't really describe CA as a course that is entirely theory-focused.

It is very clear from the past several attempts that ICAI does not ask direct questions in the exam. The questions consist of a mixture of questions so that the student has to come up with a real-life solution to it by using the different concepts so it is not possible that you can just mug up multiple answers and write them down in the exam.

Still however if you wish to know a few ways to increase your memory here they are:

Writing forces the brain to retain information and access it when you require it. Some of us have to ability to even visualize the lines we write. This enhances our writing skill and also help us to answer questions quickly in exam.

Dividing your study syllabus into blocks (topic-wise, time-based, page-wise) helps you study faster and keeps you energetic. The brain is fooled when you divide a huge syllabus and finish it as targeted, hence helping you utilize the time allocated

Create funny and easy-to-remember mnemonics to help you remember lengthy answers. It will help you to remember lengthy information effectively and for a longer period of time

The best way to memorize a topic is to attempt a test. CA Exam Test Series has multiple CA Foundation, CA Inter, and CA Final New Syllabus Test Series which can help you not just in memorizing but also in presenting the answer.

The CA Final Test Series have the same difficulty level as the ICAI exam so you are able to calm your nerves for the exam after practicing and with 60% similar questions your CA exam becomes so much easier as you would have already solved similar questions in our CA final new syllabus test series.

CA Final new syllabus test series has one more feature that makes them unique from others. Once you submit your answer sheets you can get your results in just 99 minutes. This means that as soon as you are done memorizing the topic, you can give your exam, and as soon as you are done from a break after the exam and ready to get back to study you have your results from which you can learn where you excelled and areas to improve.

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