Revise All The Subjects Of Ca Final In 2 Months

The number is vast, the time is limited, and your adrenaline levels are already high because it is the last step to success. Don't worry; this post should help you relax a little. Remember that with Revision you should never forget to attempt Test Series CA Final.

Before answering this question, let me make 3 assumptions straightaway:

  1. All your coaching classes are over.

  2. You have gone through the entire syllabus of all the subjects at least once.

  3. You have made short notes or markings while studying

Make a Study Schedule: For any student to finish the revision they need to stick to a proper schedule. CA Exam Test Series can provide you a customized schedule according to your needs and preferences but more importantly, you have to stick to it religiously. The study planner will have time and topics to study including time for breaks and CA Final Test Series so make sure that you are following it.

Use Charts: If you are not in the habit of preparing short notes while studying, don’t worry. Switch over to charts and mind maps of each subject – which are now available for FREE from the ICAI website.

Keep Mixing it Up: You should take 2 – 3 subjects per day and set a time to complete your goal. The reason behind this, taking theory for an entire day can be a bit boring, make you sleepy, and lose your effective hours. Instead, it just increases your labor hours. So, allocate time to both practical as well as theoretical subjects in a day properly. You can also practice Individual Chapter Wise Test Series CA Final to keep assessing yourself as you go along the journey.

Notes are Gold: Since you are in the final 2 months, you have surely formulated your CA Final Syllabus at least once. Now it’s time to practice on your CA Final Examination notes which you have formulated. Last 2 months are all about getting on through all the topics as an overview. Try to concentrate more on the chapter of huge weightage.

Test Series gets Marks: CA Mock Test Series and Test Series CA Final always have been initial choices for the students who want to achieve good marks in their CA final Examination. Revision test papers give you dignity and help you to analyze your achievement before the examination. CA Exam Test Series provide Test Series CA Final with 60% similar questions of ICAI exam and are of the same level.

The presentation plays a significant role in the CA Exams. Take it seriously since you will receive marks for it. So, take into account the ICAI Material—SM, PM, or suggested answers—and carefully study its writing style before beginning to practise the questions. When it comes to theoretical subjects, you must first clarify what the examiner is requesting before noting the relevant provision and section number. Finally, you should present your conclusions and any relevant case law.

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