How To Study Theory Subjects For Ca Exams?

Theory subjects in Chartered Accountancy courses have always been challenging for students. If theory subjects are studied through proper planning and dedication, these can be scored too. This article will focus more on tips and tricks to study theory subjects in CA Exams.

In CA Exams, the main theory subjects which are quite challenging for the students are Law and Audit. Many times, these subjects become the reason for the failure of students. The below-mentioned points must be kept in mind to score good marks in theory subjects:

Conceptual Clarity is the primary priority. A student should concentrate on understanding the material when learning a theory topic for the first time. If one finds the vocabulary of the ICAI study materials to be challenging, one may want to try and read books by authors who use simpler language. Don't attempt to go right into hard words. Students should concentrate on properly comprehending the legal standards and auditing standards because doing so will make taking the tests easier.

After having good conceptual clarity regarding a topic, a student should try to solve some case studies as it will help him/her to apply the concept understood by him. The institute also set theory exam papers with case study-based questions. Also studying Case Laws in Corporate & Other Laws will help students to answer case study-based questions. One can easily practice these questions from CA Test Series which has 60% similar questions from the ICAI exam and is based on the latest ICAI pattern.

For all theory subjects, writing practice is a must. When articulating your answers to the examiner, the quality and length of the answers are important. Grab your favorite pen and start writing your answers so you can see if you can accurately express your meaning to the examiner. This will ultimately help you get good grades. CA Test Series will also help you as you get practice on how to frame your answers.

Keywords play an important role in every concept of the theory subjects. So always highlight and pay extra attention to the keywords to be used for the concepts so that you shall leave no stone unturned for bagging those good marks.

There is nothing that beats the spaced revisions technique for learning theory subjects.  Now, most of you will have a valid question-how often should we revise? The recommended revisions are – the first time should be just after studying it. The second revision should be within 1-day Third revision should be in 1 week. After that, do the next revision in 1 month and finally revise once in 3 months. Your mind remembers when you go over a topic, again and again, that is why regular revisions are recommended.

The simplest answer to how to study theory subjects for CA Exams is to solve CA Test Series. Jog your memory whenever you reach a breakthrough in a theory subject, such as when you finish a chapter or study a tough topic. How will you put your learning into practice? As if you’re sitting in an exam center, rehearse. Take a CA Test Series of that chapter, from the CA Exam Test series and practice them. This allows you to determine how well you comprehend a certain topic or chapter. Assess whether your degree of preparation will allow you to achieve good results in theory.