Ace Theory Subjects in CA Exams

Ace Theory Subjects in CA Exams

  • 01 Jun 2023

When you have CA exams looming over your head and your mind is stuffed with concepts and knowledge from the course materials, you can be perplexed as to why, despite knowing the concepts and making a decent effort, you are unable to receive the grade we expect, particularly in theoretical topics. I'm attempting to identify a few minor errors that we may make while writing replies in the hope that they will help us get points for the substance we wrote and the manner we presented our views.

Language 1. Your language is the first thing we can advise you to keep in mind. Each student represents the information in their own unique way, and so does the examiner. There is a language barrier, then. Possibly, it is true. So why not adopt a language that both can understand? That language is what the ICAI offers. The individual who verifies your copy speaks the language that is used by ICAI programmers. Therefore, we must employ technical jargon to enhance our ability to communicate. The challenge is now before us! The modules can't be memorized.

Since every problem has a solution, here it is once more. Utilize technical language, as we said, to learn particular Jargon or to use terms that express your meaning in a technical manner. For instance, instead of writing that we reviewed the organization's books of accounts and found that they adhered to accounting principles, we could write that after conducting AUDITING PROCEDURES at both the assertion level and the financial statement level, depending on your auditing methodology, we have come to the conclusion that the books of accounts give a TRUE and FAIR view of the organization. This demonstrates how wordplay may be advantageous.

2. Make whole sentences:  Now that we have learned a few key terms, it is crucial to use them in complete, insightful sentences. Now let's move on to our second topic of consideration: entire phrases. Don't forget the finishing words since they might change the meaning.

3. Sequencing is Vital: It's crucial to structure the phrases correctly and provide them in the appropriate order while writing CA Exams. For instance, if you are responding to a case study, you must do it in three paragraphs. The case's facts are mentioned in the first paragraph, followed by the legislation that applies in the second, and finally the conclusion about how it is impacted. Maintaining a timeline of events makes it easier for you to express your response succinctly.

4. Point-by-Point Details:  Giving concise answers is another essential component of effective answer writing. No need to go into much detail about the idea. Just provide the facts, please. If you write lengthy responses, it will confuse both you and the person checking. If I go into too much detail, you will become bored even reading this. If the question has five marks, instead of writing a page of explanation, include at least five pertinent points in your response. Avoid repeating the same ideas in new wording or various contexts. Use the correct five points. This might greatly assist you in responding to the pertinent questions.

5. Carefully read the question knowing what your question is asking you is crucial; else, you risk giving the incorrect person the right answers. Therefore, attentively read the question, analyze the circumstance and concept raised, and then organize your answers.

6. The number of questions to attempt:  The question we are attempting must be chosen. It's the first five rather than the best five, per ICAI policy. Therefore, refrain from answering further questions. Try to complete the five as best you can. Choose the question that you are most confident in answering Choose the question that you are most confident in answering.

7. True or False:  You must attempt the question for two marks while attempting True or False. Here, you must provide the justification for your conclusion. It is insufficient to simply assert that a proposition is true or false in order to receive credit. You must thus explain the logic behind it. Give at least 2 points to support your response, if you can.

8. Mention of Sections and SA If you must provide pertinent data, such as from the SA, a section of the law, or an accounting standard, only do so if you are certain of it. If you give a bad number, you're showing that you don't understand both the idea you presented and the notion you gave as a number. If you can't recall the number, put down the concept's name, an explanation, and its significance without mentioning ANY WRONG NUMBERS.

9. Clear Writing:  Your handwriting is last but not least. Write it in a way that can be read by the person who is checking your work, or in a manner that is readable. It must not be very excellent but yet not overly poor.

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