Bursting Myths About Ca Exams

Students choose to enroll in the commerce stream with the intention of becoming CAs after passing the three-level CA curriculum, which consists of the Foundation, Intermediate, and Final Levels, . Despite the fact that the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) oversees and accredits the course, there are several myths regarding these prestigious exams. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few of them and burst these myths.

CA is an Exceptionally Difficult Course: Three levels of Examination with practical training for 3 years and a gigantic syllabus to do within the time provided is a bit of a challenge as it requires both practical and theoretical knowledge. The exams test both the knowledge of the student and his analytical skills. I won’t say it’s easy but with proper planning and a lot of smart work and hard work, it can be achieved. If you attempt the online test series ca final from CA Exam Test Series you won’t find the exams hard as they have 60% similar questions.

Study 16 hours/day or Nothing: Another myth about this course is that it requires a 16-hour study period. According to popular belief, an aspirant for the CA examinations needs to put in 16 hours of study time. But this is untrue because quality is ultimately what counts. No one can prevent you from passing the exams if you have done your homework and have understood the material. But it will be quite impossible for you to pass any CA examination curriculum if you put in 16 hours per day of preparation without having a firm grasp of the fundamental ideas. The quality of your studies is more important than the number of hours you devote to them. The CA Final Test Series makes sure to test you thoroughly on each chapter so that there is no need to study for so long.

Did you choose Science/Arts? CA is not for you: People mostly think CA is not a good option for students with pre-med/pre-engineering backgrounds due to the lack of subjects required for CA such as accounting, which is entirely baseless. The course design of CA is such that it begins with introductory-level courses such as economics and accounting.

CA will take 10 years of your life: People often get scared when they hear that you have to clear 21 exams to become a Chartered Accountant. This makes people think that it will take them 8 or 9 years to complete it.  However, with the right amount of effort, people do clear all these exams in 5-6 years which is exactly the same amount of time any other professional degree would take even if you are going for BTech to MTech or BA to Ph.D.

They Fail You on Purpose: Many people believe that CA's low passing ratio owes ICAI failing students on purpose to increase their worth, and they control the supply of chartered accountants by unjustly failing the students. On the contrary, ICAI tries its best to remain impartial and just in its operations and follows internationally acclaimed standards of testing.

CA is only about ITR and GST: Chartered accountants have a theoretical and practical knowledge of various fields like Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Investment Advisory. There is a lot of Scope for a Chartered Accountant in different fields as there is Independence for the CAs to start their own practicing firm if they don’t wish to join an organization and work for someone else.

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