Benefits Of Mentorship By CA Exam Series

CA Exam Test Series is offering Mentorship Program for all the students to help them through their CA preparation journey. The better news is that with the StudyCaller app, you can get the same Mentorship for Free and not just for CA but also for CS and CMA courses as well. You must be wondering why you need this. Is this really important? Let us answer this in a few points:

  1. The syllabus for the Chartered Accountancy course is very huge and very complex. You need someone who can guide you through that and help you understand what to do when you get stuck.
  2. Setting up a schedule or a planner can be a hefty and hectic task but with CA Test Series, our Mentors will prepare a customized Study Planner for you.
  3. Subjects like Law and Economics have complicated concepts which are prone to doubts, it becomes very easy if somebody can solve them for you. Our mentors take your doubts as their priority so if you have any doubt, please ask them and they’ll make sure to clear it up as soon as possible.
  4. You don’t know what topic is more important and how much time you should devote to it but a mentor knows that. Your mentor will let you know how much preference to give to what topic so that you do not waste a moment while you are studying and always be productive.
  5. In the CA Exam, you have to write a lot, but a Mentor will tell you all the important points to mention in a question that can fetch maximum marks.
  6. Yes, you can get test papers from anywhere but after solving them you need someone to evaluate them and give feedback to you so you can improve. That work is done by our Qualified Mentors.

Here are a few more perks that you get by joining the Mentorship Program

  1. You get a Customized Study Planner designed especially for you and catering to your Targets.
  2. You get a Counselling session with the Mentor who would be a Qualified All-India Rank Chartered Accountant.
  3. You get suggestions and feedback on your Answer Writing.
  4. With the Mentorship Program, you can do Revision 3 times of the Full Syllabus up to the ICAI exam.
  5. The Mentor gives you Weekly and Monthly Targets so you can finish your syllabus expeditiously.
  6. You get an Individual Chapter Wise Test so you can understand each Subject thoroughly.
  7. The Mentors evaluate your Test Performances and provide you with essential Feedback.
  8. You can improvise your study pattern anytime during the journey.
  9. All your doubts are solved by our Mentors in real-time.
  10. The mentor will guide you to take Preventive Measures based on your performance report.
  11. You get the advantage to take your tests with or without the Internet.
  12. You will be guided in about Time Management during your exam.
  13. You get a Full Syllabus Test with the same difficulty as the ICAI exam.
  14. The Questions in the Test Papers are 60% similar to ICAI Exam.

The job of the Mentor is to make sure that you are fully ready for the big exam and by ready, we mean that you know the syllabus well enough, you have solved enough test papers and you are mentally confident as well. So why wait? Join CA Exam Series today and get on with the Mentorship Program.

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