How To Overcome Exam Fear With The Help Of Ca Online Test Series


Fear is always fixated on what will happen in the future, not on what is happening right now. Although everyone is aware that the future is unpredictable, people still experience terror when they picture the worst-case scenarios without taking into account the optimistic expectations for the event.

The main idea here is that our anxieties are simply our worst-case scenario imagination, not actual events. We will develop a dread of failing when we begin to see our fantasies as true.

It's normal to experience exam anxiety since we all do. However, the experience might be distressing for some people. Exam anxiety is defined as a lack of concentration, a rapid heartbeat, a headache, and shallow breathing.

There are certain reasons why you can be afraid to fail in the exams. Before you know how to overcome your fear of failure in exams, you need to know how deep-rooted it is and why you feel it in the first place.

  • The reason for fear of failure can be due to a traumatic event or poor experience. For example, you have performed poorly in a CA online test series, and you are afraid the same will happen in the next test.

  • You are afraid to score low marks in the exams, but mostly because of how low your friends will think of you.

  • Your fear could be rooted because you are afraid of how disappointed your parents and family members will be in you.

  • You are nervous because you have not learned anything or just a few topics. As compared to other situations, your fear is justified if you haven’t studied anything, but you still shouldn’t let it control you. Take a ca exam test series to check what all you know about the exam.

  • Another reason for failure in exams could be wrong decisions. For example, a common reason CA students fail exams is that they make wrong decisions. Like selecting both groups when they could only do one, selecting the wrong study material, etc.

How to overcome fear?

The Number One Reason for exam stress is weak preparation. So, prepare well and go through all of the study material with full understanding. Review all the important concepts thoroughly. Whenever you finish a topic or a chapter attempt a CA test series to assess what all you remember.

Give the exams with the agenda of giving your best, not defeating others. When you start competing with others, it will distract your mind from the results, not the efforts. So, focus on your efforts and give your best in the exams.

You might have not done well in exams before or some of your previous exams may not have gone well. forget all the things that happened in the past. Concentrate on the present. And do well with a free mind and without stress.

Even if you are ready to give exams, you might feel the fear of failure set in your gut. In such moments, all you need is a power boost to make yourself feel more confident. Tell yourself—” I have already given six months/a year studying this subject, I know and understand most of it, and I can write the best answer to whatever the question is asked in the exam.”

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