Writing Tips You Will Learn From Ca Final Test Series Icai

Theory Paper

  • Any answer must be presented in point form. a maximum of two sentences per point. No lengthy paragraphs for answers. You are making an answer, not an essay. The ca final test series icai will give you the practice to learn this.

  • Spacious writing. Yes, you have paid the exam fees. Use however much paper you'd like. One solution on one page gives a complete image of the answer, hence it is preferable to write one answer on one page, even if you have only used half of the page.

  • Every argument contains a few key phrases. Wherever you can, underline them. This simplifies the task of paper checkers. By emphasizing the key terms, you can show him that you are confident and that you know the answers. This results in a gap between a mark and a mark and a half. This is a trick you learn after solving enough ca final test series icai. Overall, this results in a difference of 6 months between 39 and 40 or 59 and 60!

  • Show the paper checker that you are a professional by using terms like "Apex Court of India: Supreme Court" or "Honorable Supreme Court," which is similar to "Honorable High Court," in your maxims for corporate law papers. You could say it's a professional show-off or a tip you learned after solving ca final test series icai.

  • After each answer, if you have time, underline. CA final test series icai gives you the habit of following every set of questions, and double-underline.

  • If you can recall the caselaw's name, great; if not, but you are aware of the court (HC/SC/ITAT), do cite it even in your ca final test series icai. Identifying WHAT YOU KNOW TO THE EXAMINER (SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING)

  • Similar to Allied laws, it is clear which Act the query is based on. Be it the SOGA, Banking/Insurance Acts, Interpretation of Statutes, Partnership Act, or Negotiable Instruments Act. It is important to cite the Act using the years 1981, 1932, etc.

  • Focus on high-quality material rather than quantity in the ca exam test series. These are not your B.Com papers, just to be clear.

  • Please refrain from quoting the part, clause, or auditing/accounting standard if you are unsure of it. Knowing it is crucial, therefore please use a quote if you are aware of it; otherwise, you risk failing on your subsequent attempts. For this to work you have to considerable enough icai online test series.

  • Try to use the format FACTS, ANSWER, and CONCLUSION. Brief facts come first, followed by what the facts suggest, the correct response, and finally, the verdict. You can practice this on the icai online test series.

Practical Papers

  • Even if the subject is practical, leave and draw borders on both sides of the paper.

  • AVOID FORGETTING THE UNITS! Be it Rupees, Nos, Dollars, Millions, Lakhs, Kgs, Cms, Per Unit, Per kilogram, etc. Every final answer should have a unit; do not leave it to the paper examiner's imagination as to what the numbers in your working notes and FINAL ANSWER represent. For instance. Kgs are the subject of the entire inquiry. Therefore, don't presume that Kgs isn't required elsewhere in the response. Additionally, double-underline your response. But this won’t come to you without practicing icai online test series and honing the skill.

  • FORMULAS: By reading the question, you may tell from which chapter it is derived, as well as the question's subtype as you have solved icai online test series. As a result, the formula immediately makes sense to you. Write the right formula in a larger font, underline it, or better yet, box it.

  • Write the formula or concept note of the question asked as a last resort if you are unable to solve that problem for whatever reason but are familiar with the Chapter and are reasonably close to the sub-type of the question. Another thing you can learn by practicing icai online test series.

  • Additionally, DON'T KEEP IT BLANK when you are unable to write anything about the questions from your last effort! STRIVE FOR THAT HALF OR ONE EXTRA MARK. Write the question's number, the data that has already been provided in a different format, and any concept notes that are relevant to the question. ICAI online test series also teaches you that NOTE THAT THERE ARE MARKS FOR STEPS AS WELL!

  • In addition, it's okay if you don't understand or can't fully answer a question on the accounts paper. If you have no other choice and there is still some time, try it as you would in the icai online test series. It is preferable to try something than to leave it empty. Leaving it blank ensures that you will receive no credit, but at least trying the question in some way provides you a chance for one extra point.

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