Importance of Writing Practice for CA Exam

As a CA Aspirant, you are always looking for ways in which you can improve yourself to reach the optimum level. You are going through the vast course material day in and day out for hours and hours. However, there is one habit that really helps in not only remembering the course material but also making you ready for the big exam. We are talking about the habit of ‘Writing Practice’ during your preparation.

Now as you know that despite the vast course material there are a few theory subjects like Law and Audit which require a lot of writing practice. So, you need to be in the habit of writing in order to complete the exam within the duration of 3 hours.

The importance of writing practice can be stated in a few points. First and foremost, when you are giving an exam the hands and mind should be in sync. Of course, your minds work faster than your hands so in order to note down everything that you have in your mind, your hands need to be in going faster than usual. This is only possible if you are in regular habit of writing.

Secondly, the questions in the exam require a practical orientation of the concepts that you have learned. You have to write down the applications of these concepts. In some questions, you get Case Studies in which there is an amalgamation of multiple concepts. While solving such questions, you need to be organized in your thought process. You can’t just write down every piece of information as it comes to you. The answer should be well summarized, structured, and presented in a way that it covers all the points asked in the question. This skill of summarizing and structuring requires a lot of practice, you can’t achieve this just by memorizing. You should be capable of presenting the knowledge you have on the paper in the best possible way. Again, this is possible only if you have attempted such questions while practicing and are in the habit of writing them down in a systemic way. The CA Test Series include the aforementioned questions.

Another benefit that writing practice provides is it helps in making you decide how much you want to write for any question. It helps you to write the answers in a concise manner so that you neither overwrite nor under-write. The understanding of how much to write for certain marks comes only through writing practice. For instance, if you come across a 4-mark question, if you have been practicing, you would instantly know how much to write for this answer to get the maximum marks.

Last but not least, what happens when you know the answer but time is not left? You don’t want to face that situation, right? So, if you are in the habit of writing while preparing, your speed improves eventually which aids a lot when it comes to time allocation during the exam.

The best way you can get into this habit of writing practice is if you start solving the CA Exam Test Series. Here you not only get Chapter Wise Tests, a full Test with 60% similar questions in ICAI Exam but also the papers are evaluated within 24 hours by Qualified CAs. The more you do the CA Exam series, the more you’ll get the experience which develops into confidence that comes very handy while you are in the Examination Hall.

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