Do You Have To Rote Learn Everything For Ca Exams?

Many CA students feel that the CA exams are nothing but a memory game - the ICAI only tests how much storage capacity your brain has and how much you are able to retrieve in the exams. Let's analyze this premise a bit to find out the reality.

As we are very well aware, the ICAI syllabus has various theory subjects - Law, Audit, EIS, SM, Tax, etc. - which people try their best to memorize. Yes, I agree that there are some areas that have to be memorized. But can you label the entire course as a memory-based game?

If you have gone through the past papers, you would be very well aware that the introduction of the New Syllabus has tried to shift CA from being a theory-focused exam to a more application-oriented exam. The introduction of case studies in subjects like Law and Audit has been a massive step in this regard. Plus, you also have a paper solely on case studies in CA Final - the Elective paper. So, in a way, you cannot call CA a completely theory-focused course.

You cannot expect to cram the entire volume of the syllabus before the exams and simply vomit everything on the day of the exam. No, it doesn't happen this way. You need to understand the concepts and internalize them. How will that happen? Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to this. The best way I can think of is to prepare short summary of notes by yourself. Yes, it is time-consuming. But can someone else give you a spoonful of tonic and say that you have internalized everything? I doubt.

In many subjects like Tax and Law, you will find things very logical. Tell me why cash embezzlement by the cashier is allowed as an expense for the business under the head Profits and Gain from Business or Profession (PGBP). There is some logic, right? What is the logic? Refer Section 37(1). It mentions a few criteria as to what expenses are allowed as a deduction and what is not. Simple. Just keep that criterion in mind, who asked you to cram up the entire list of illustrations given in books?

Any approach for creating illustrations, graphs, or robustness to deliver a communication is pertained to as visualization. Use the Loci Method, a mnemonic strategy that involves converting particulars to internal images and associating them with specific positions or locales.

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