Get 60+ Marks in Mathematics in CA Foundation By Doing This

The CA Foundation Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Statistics paper is difficult for many students. Despite the fact that the level is about PU, pupils are afraid of it since they have been taught that arithmetic is difficult. It's also true that people come to this paper from a variety of backgrounds. The paper is easier for people with a science background, but it is challenging for those with a Commerce background (especially someone who has not studied any math).

Given all of this, it's no surprise that the paper has a reputation among CA Foundation students as being "difficult." This myth will be dispelled in this article. In fact, we intend to persuade you by the end that this is a high-scoring subject for which, with appropriate preparation, you can do exceptionally well.

CA Foundation Mathematics Self-Study Plan

  • Make a chart with the formulas and theories and keep it in your room for quick reference.
  • Getting good marks in math topics requires a lot of practice.
  • Separate the study materials into three sections: math, logic, and statistics.
  • To make calculations faster and more precise, keep a calculator on hand and understand the shortcut keys, for instance, the use of M+ and M-and other tricks
  • After every chapter or 2–3 chapters, you need to test yourself, and while solving, mark the questions you couldn't do, so that you need to refer only those later. Also here, you will get an idea as to how the questions are asked.
  • And last, don’t rely on only 12th commerce knowledge. You will need advanced notes and practice material.


According to the people who set the questions, the number of questions from each topic fluctuates from year to year. As a result, it is essential not to overlook any subject. Having said that, when conducting an analysis of the previous year's question papers, you can have a basic idea of the importance of each topic.

It should therefore come as no surprise that the principles acquired in this subject are quite beneficial for aspiring CAs.

The topics are very interrelated, if you understand concepts related to Permutations and Combinations in the Business Mathematics section, some problems in the Probability chapter from the Statistics section may become easier.

Logical Reasoning carries 20 Marks. The course in this part is very general and similar to what we have studied up to the 10th class. Scoring in this part is far easy compared to the above part. More and more practice with the MCQ-based questions can flow you in a perfect direction.

Statistics also contains a general part of what you have studied up to 10th standard. However, there is a big probability that your calculation will go wrong in the secondary classes. But, in CA Exams with the use of the calculator, you can easily solve such sums.

The students who are from a non-Math background can score in this subject by scoring in Logical Reasoning and statistics.

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