Age Limit for CA Exam: Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines


Understanding the age limit for the Chartered Accountancy (CA) exam is essential for aspiring candidates. This article will provide comprehensive information on the age requirements, eligibility criteria, and guidelines for individuals planning to appear for the CA exam. Read on to learn about the age restrictions and how they impact the journey towards becoming a Chartered Accountant.

Age Limit for CA Foundation

The CA Foundation is the entry-level examination for aspiring Chartered Accountants. To be eligible for this exam, candidates must have completed their 10+2 education or its equivalent from a recognized board. There is no specific age limit for the CA Foundation exam. As long as candidates meet the educational qualifications, they can apply irrespective of their age.

Age Limit for CA Intermediate

The CA Intermediate level builds upon the foundation laid in the earlier stages. Similar to the CA Foundation, there is no prescribed age limit for the CA Intermediate exam. Candidates who have cleared the Foundation exam or have obtained an accounting or finance-related degree from a recognized university can apply for the Intermediate level, regardless of their age.

Age Limit for CA Final

The CA Final is the last and most advanced stage of the Chartered Accountancy qualification. To be eligible for the CA Final exam, candidates must have passed the Intermediate level and completed the required practical training. Similar to the previous levels, there is no specific age restriction for the CA Final exam.


In summary, the Chartered Accountancy exams do not have a specific age limit for any level, including CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final. As long as candidates meet the educational requirements and other eligibility criteria, they can pursue the CA qualification at any age. However, it is advisable to thoroughly review the guidelines provided by the respective Chartered Accountancy body and ensure compliance with all necessary requirements to pursue a successful career as a Chartered Accountant.

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