Attempt Limits in Chartered Accountancy (CA) and their Significance

In the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course, candidates have a limited number of attempts for the Foundation level, with a maximum of six attempts. However, for the Intermediate (IPCC) and Final levels, there are unlimited attempts allowed, providing candidates with flexibility to clear the examinations. These attempt limits aim to strike a balance between ensuring timely completion of the course and providing opportunities for candidates to succeed.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the number of attempts allowed in the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course, presented in table form and accompanied by an explanation of each level

Level of Examination Number of Attempts Allowed
Foundation 6 attempts
Intermediate (IPCC) Unlimited attempts
Final Unlimited attempts

Understand the attempt limits In CA Examination

CA Foundation 

The Foundation level is the entry-level stage of the CA course. Candidates can appear for the Foundation examination after completing their 10+2 education. Here are the attempt limitations for the Foundation level

  • A candidate has a maximum of six attempts to clear the Foundation examination.

  • The six attempts are generally valid for three years from the date of registration.

CA Intermediate (IPCC) 

The Intermediate level, previously known as Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC), is the intermediate level of the CA course. Candidates can appear for the IPCC examination after clearing the Foundation level or through direct entry after certain qualifications. The attempt limits for the Intermediate level are as follows

  • Candidates have unlimited attempts to clear the IPCC examination.
  • There is no specific restriction on the number of attempts for the Intermediate level.

CA Final

The Final level is the last stage of the CA course. Candidates can appear for the Final examination after clearing both the Foundation and Intermediate levels. The attempt limits for the Final level are as follows

  • Similar to the Intermediate level, candidates have unlimited attempts to clear the Final examination.
  • There is no specific restriction on the number of attempts for the Final level.

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