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  • 29 Aug 2022

If you want to pass the CA Foundation tests with flying colors and get good marks, you must be willing to put in the necessary effort. The CA foundation test is the first step in becoming a Chartered Accountant. The exam's syllabus is quite similar to that of the commerce stream in 12th grade. In this article we are going to discuss the things you can do to get a great rank in the exam.

ICAI has discontinued publication of merit list in CA Foundation examination. However, the name of top three rank holders will be published on the official website of CA Institute at A student who secured a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate in his/her CA Foundation Examinations is recognized meritorious candidate up to 50th rank.

Refer only to ICAI Material: The only material offered by the ICAI is the best material to study, yet none of the students appear to be comfortable with it. You should not consult more than one teacher's book in this situation. You may become perplexed if you consult ten different teacher's books for the same subject. As a result, never ever do this. You are not reading just to crack this exam. You want to hold a great rank in CA Foundation. So, cover each and every topic. Try not to skip any topic. Any single topic can push you back from the highest to lower position.

Revision is Most Important: Multiple revisions are essential in theoretical subjects. Even if a student studies carefully, without regular revisions, he or she may forget what they have learned. After several revisions, the students become accustomed to the author's terminology and can assist him in appropriately framing answers. This will leave a positive impression with the examiner. With CA Exam Series you can revise the full syllabus for each chapter of the subject 3 times.

Solve as much Test Papers are you can: As you are completing your course you can attempt the Individual Chapter Wise Test papers. The CA Mock Tests help you in assessing your knowledge for each subject. The difficulty of the CA Exam series is similar to an ICAI exam. Most importantly you even get the Full Syllabus Exam where the difficulty is as of the CA Exam. You really get the understanding of the paper and so that you are ready for any situation come what may.

Subject Wise Tips for CA Foundation Exam:

Principles and Practice of Accounting is a subjective test of 100 marks. This paper especially requires a lot of writing practice as there are questions that require long and extensive answers.

Business Law & Business Correspondence and Reporting is a 2-part exam. One is of Business law of 60 marks and the other, Business Correspondence and Reporting, of 4 marks. This paper requires knowledge of mercantile laws and it is also a subjective exam. Since the syllabus of the exam is vast CA Exam series offer you a Study Planner where you can finish the syllabus in due time.

Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning & Statistics has 2 parts. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning is of 60 marks and Statistics is of 40 marks. This paper is objective. You get -0.25 marks for every wrong question that you attempt. You need to be quick in solving such questions.

Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge is the last paper of lot. Business Economics is of 60 marks and Business and Commercial Knowledge is of 40 marks. This paper is also objective. You get -0.25 marks for every wrong question that you attempt.