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CA Exams - Chapter Wise Tests : Individual Chapter Wise Tests help you to get fully acquainted with all the concepts of the chapter and in what all ways the questions can be asked. You also get to understand your strengths in the chapter and areas where you have to put in more work.
CA Exams- Full Syllabus Tests : Once you are done with your course you can’t just wait for the exam. A Fully Syllabus tests gives you the exact environment that you’ll face in the exam so you be prepared and confident under any strenuous situations.
Revision Strategy by AIR : Yes! Revision is very important but with CA Exams, the All-India Rank holders guide you in this process you so literally learn from the Best there is. Your mentor will setup at revision strategy particularly for you.
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Special Offer: Pass Guarantee Series (200 Student Only)

Detailed Exam Series- Nov 2022

5 Chapter-Wise Test For Each Subjects

1 Full syllabus Test For Each Subjects

Target Based Approach

Revision Strategy By AIR

Evaluation by Qualified CAs & AIR in 1-2 days

Question Paper & Suggested Answers both available

Scheduled & UnScheduled both Options !!

Fast Track Exam Series - Nov 22

2 Chapter-Wise Test 50% syllabus Covered in Each Test

1 Full syllabus Test for Each subject

Counseling By A Chartered Accountant

Revision Strategy For Exams

Question Papers

Suggested Answers

Evaluation by Qualified CAs in 1-2 days

Test Paper dates are flexible

Full Syllabus Exam Series - Nov 2022

2 Full Syllabus Test For Each Subjects

Two Times Revison

Counselling By A Chartered Accountant

Target Based Approach

Question Paper

Suggested Answers

Evaluation In 1-2 Days (Working Days)

Available for Nov-2022 Attempt

Individual Chapter-wise series- Nov 2022

One Chapter One Test For Each Subject

2 Full Syllabus Test For Each Subject

2 MCQ Test For Each Subjects

Evaluation By Qualified CAs

Question Paper

Suggested Answers

Revision Strategy By AIR

Test series valid till the last exam date

Unscheduled Exam Series - Nov 2022

5 Chapter-Wise Test For Each Subjects

1 Full Syllabus Test For Each Subjects

Counselling By A Chartered Accountant

Question Paper

Suggested Answers

Evaluation In 2-3 Days (working Days)

Attend test papers as per your schedule till Nov 22 Attempt

Q- When should I register for CA Exam Test series ?

I would say “Today is the right time to start the right thing” If you are really willing to get good marks and test your preparation then please don’t delay in giving the Tests, because it will help you to complete your subject in a time bound manner so that you can appear in the test series and know your mistakes. Although frequency of giving test may vary depending upon the time available before the actual Exam. But do remember giving some tests even before completing overall preparation may assist you in knowing the Pattern and Level of Exam. So never hesitate in giving tests. Yes, if you ask me for the perfect time to give tests, then I would suggest you to appear for Chapter wise test as soon as you complete the respective chapter. And for Full Syllabus test you should appear after completing your revision. It will help you to keep a check whether you have understood the topics and concept properly and at the same time you will be able to make some questions practice in writing which will benefit you a lot. Maintain this rhythm of appearing for Individual Chapter-wise series for each subject during your whole cycle of preparations.

CA Rutuja Bhawkar

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ICAI level Question-papers designed by Qualified CAs and AIR.

All the Questions are based as per ICAI Latest pattern with all applicable ammendments.

Proper Schedule designed by Chartered experts. One to One Guidence & Counselling.

Evaluation will be done on same day or within 1-2 working days by Qualified CAs & AIR Doubt clearing facility through Doubt Portal, Email and Call.

Target based study approach.

Reasonable Price in India.