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Clear CA Exams Test Series

  • 13 Jul 2022

About Us

CLEAR CA EXAM TEST SERIES shows its aim in the name itself. We functionally make sure to cover all your needs to crack CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final Exam. What makes us different from everybody else is our Optimum Level Test Series which challenge the students and give them the exact feel of an ICAI exam.

CLEAR CA EXAM TEST SERIES is made by CAs who are all around the Country because we understand what you are going through and that is why have all the tools required so you can prepare fully and crack this exam in your first attempt.

Key Features:

  • Individual Chapter Wise Test Series
  • Full Syllabus Test Series
  • Target Based Study
  • More than 60% similar questions in ICAI Exam
  • Feedback on Test Series in 59 Minutes
  • 90% Positive Result


  • Get your knowledge tested for Each Chapter of Every Subject
  • Get your Test Papers result in just 59 minutes
  • All the Test Papers are based on the Latest ICAI pattern
  • Exam Test Series are designed by CAs and Subject Experts
  • Mentorship program to keep you on track during preparation.


What’s New

With CLEAR CA EXAM TEST SERIES now you can get your Test Series checked and reverted to you in just 59 MINUTES! First ever CA Exam Series portal of the country to provide Test Papers in less than an hour.

  1. Real-Time Assessment
  2. Real-Time Feedback
  3. Real-Time Improvement
  4. Real-Time Doubt Solving

Our Call | WhatsApp | Email | Doubt Panel is available for you till exams for any doubt. Ask any doubt regarding the subject


How to Submit Your Test Series:

  1. Student Panel -> Download Test Paper
  2. Write Down Answer in your sheet/notebook
  3. Upload the answer sheet
  4. Sheet Goes for Evaluation
  5. Download Answer Sheet within 59 minutes

After that you can contact your Mentor or Subject Expert for Doubt Solving and Feedback.


Mentorship Program Perks:

  1. One Mentor focusses only on One Student
  2. Get a Customized Study Planner
  3. Counselling session by a Qualified All-India Rank Chartered Accountant.
  4. Suggestions and Feedback on Answer Writing.
  5. Get Weekly and Monthly Targets to stay on Track
  6. Improvise your Study Pattern anytime during your Preparation.


Individual Chapter Wise Test:

  • Test your knowledge for Each Chapter
  • Learn nitty-gritty of each Concept
  • Get to know your Strengths for Each Subject

Full Syllabus Test Series:

  • Challenge yourself with Maximum Difficulty
  • Experience an ICAI level Exam Series
  • Get the feel of a Real Examination Hall

Scheduled & Unscheduled Papers:

  • Give Test along with everybody or at your own Convenience
  • Stay on Track with Everybody or you can work according to your capabilities

3 Time Revision by All-India Rank Holders:

  • Get tips by AIR for revision
  • Revise the Full Syllabus 3 times for Each Subject
  • Get 45 days, 15 days and 1.5 days Revision Schedule


We at, CLEAR CA EXAM TEST SERIES have been giving test series for a lot of years, and we understand the mindset and preparation strain of each type of applicant, so we can give you with an appropriate revision method for ICAI Exams.