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The Best CA Test Series

  • 16 Jul 2022

The Institute of Chartered Accounts of India organizes the exam for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate and CA Final twice a year in May and December. The syllabus for CA is extremely extensive and the concepts are very intrinsic. CA Exam Series helps aspirants from their root level so they are able to crack the exam in their first attempt. Here are some benefits which get from CA Exam Series which make them the Best Test Series for CA Exams.

  • Individual Chapter Wise Test Papers

As you know the subjects for the exam are very lengthy and complex hence the best way to check your knowledge is to have chapter wise test. Not only this, these mock tests are essential as you prepare for your CA Foundation, CA Intermediate or CA Final Exam as they test your capabilities individually. This also helps in you analyzing your strengths and area where you need to put in more work.

  • Full Syllabus Test

How great would it be if you could have an experience of the full CA test before giving it, right? Well with CA Exam Test Series, you can do this. The Full Syllabus Test challenges you in the similar way the actual exam would. You can work on your time management, answer writing, stratification and most importantly how you would remain calm in a stressful situation.

  • Similar Questions in ICAI Exam

The Mock Test Papers you get are designed by Subject Experts and all theseCA test papers are based on the latest pattern issued by ICAI. Here’s the best part, the questions you’ll get in your ICAI exam are 60% similar to what you already answer in the mock test papers which obviously gives you so much more advantage than everybody else.

  • Quick Evaluation

The Test Papers are evaluated in detail by Qualified Chartered Accountants within 24 hours. This means that you get a Real-Time Feedback on your tests. This aids you a lot as you can improve quicker than anybody else.

  • 80% Positive Results

Number don’t lie, right? Especially since you are going to be dealing with a lot of these numbers. Here’s a number for you, every 4 aspirants out 5 have cracked their exam after going through the CA Exam Test Series. Now that is not just a shot in the air, it is a fact. This simply proves how good these test series are.

  • Perks just don’t End

After all of this, if you are not satisfied then you should know a few more perks that you get only with CA Exam Series. You get a counselling Session with a Qualified Chartered Accountant who will help you in your preparation. You get a Target Wise Study Schedule that will help you in staying on track so you can finish your syllabus with enough time to have Mock Tests. Last but not the least, you can revise your full syllabus 3 times with CA Exam Series! Now that is a Win-Win situation for you!

The answer is right in front of you! Chose CA Exam Series and achieve your dream to become a Chartered Accountant int the first attempt.