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Time Management Importance in CA JOURNEY

  • 14 Jul 2022

Thousands of students appear for CA exams but with the increasing number of aspirants there is also a huge competition. Many of you would have already started preparing for your exams but you need to be very pro-active with your time management.

Advantages of Time Management

The best part of Time Management is it helps you calm down in pressure situations. Your productivity increases exponentially as you know just how much time you’ll devote to each topic which makes you more motivated to get through the topic which in turn helps you in saving a lot of time. Hence you are more focused on the understanding chapter rather than worrying about whether you would be able to complete your syllabus or not.

Why do you need Time Management in CA Preparation?

If you just go through the syllabus of CA Foundation, CA Intermediate or CA Final exam you’ll realize that it is vast and lengthy. Moreover, there are various subjects of Accounting and Law which involve time consuming concepts to understand and learn. There is one whole paper which is fully subjective. So, you have to go through intense theoretical concepts. Time Management during your preparation is immensely beneficial in cracking the helps you a lot in your time management as you get Target Wise Study Schedule.

Common Mistakes

We always want to be sure that we know everything there is to know about the exam and for that we go through multiple books. The course material is almost similar in all the books what you need more is to go through more and more question paper and with CA Exam Series you get 5 Individual Chapter-Wise Test for each Subject. Not just that with CA Online Test Series you get Full Syllabus Tests for each Subject. All the papers in CA Test Series are designed by the subject experts as per ICAI Latest Pattern.

With CA being a heavily concept based exam you just can’t underestimate the power of ‘Theory’. You have to dig in and grind out all of the concepts from the course material. Theoretical questions will very get you maximum marks. For instance, you just get marks for concepts even if you get final answer wrong in a numerical question. 

Studying for exams does not mean doing it 14-16 hours a day. You need to be sure what are your optimal functioning time where you are highly motivated and perform the best otherwise you will burn yourself out.

A Few Trick & Tips

Follow the Target Wise Schedule provided by We offer a Mentoring Program where your Mentor would guide you in planning your schedule and for upcoming exams properly.

Take practice tests. You can learn all the concepts but the best way to prepare for the exam is to solve practice tests. It is one of best practices to learn time management as it tests you in similar way like the exam. Especially when you are doing CA Exam Series as they have 60% similar questions to what you get in your ICAI Exam.

Take Breaks. Your body is made of muscle and tissue and not from metal. It gets tired and exhausted. Better to take breaks while you are studying rather than exhausting yourself. Taking a break helps you to get refreshed and feel motivated again.