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How To Get 80+ Marks in Accounts in CA Foundation?

  • 20 Jun 2022

Principles & Practice of Accounting is one of the four subjects in the CA Foundation Course that is considered the most important. This is a very basic and straightforward paper for aspirants with a background in commerce. Those who do not come from a business background must work on improving their fundamentals. The maximum score for this exam is 100, and with additional preparation, it is feasible to achieve a good score in this topic. This subject has a lot of room for increasing the total percentage score. To do well on the paper, you must continually practice the paper and constantly figure out the difficulties.

Make sure you don’t miss out on any questions. You may not know the entire solution to a question but try to explain as many steps as possible and grab those marks! Ensure that you add a working note wherever necessary to make your answer detailed and comprehensive.

Here are a few topics which are very important with respect to CA Foundation Exam hence it would be better to focus more on them

  • Partnership Accounts is very Important to the CA Foundation Level. You will find more than 10 marks from that chapter only. Hence it is important to make it a priority.
  • When it comes to Final Accounts do focus on certain topics especially calculation of GP ratio, trading concepts and profit and loss. All these topics come frequently in the exam.
  • For Company Accounts do give more preference especially to Redemption of Preference Shares and Redemption of Debentures. These chapters are time consuming but they will definitely reap the fruits in the exam.
  • You shouldn’t forget that this exam is theoretical so you can’t ignore accounting concepts and accounting policies. You also need to practice more and more on questions that have multiple concepts amalgamated together in one.
  • Consignment Accounts have a lot of concepts to go through and it also include numerical and practical questions which require a lot of grind. These questions are lengthy and exhausting that is why it necessary to practice such questions more frequently.
  • Even if you are from Commerce background, journal entries can be complicated so make it a habit of solving these questions on a daily basis just to keep these concepts on your finger-tips.
  • Last but not the least, the study material provided to you by ICAI is more than enough, you don’t have to go through multiple books to learn the same things just in a different language. Rather practice more and more test papers. CA Exam Series provides the most efficient test series for CA Foundation. Solve the test papers to sharpen your skills and improve your acumen.

To sum up all that is mentioned above, your concepts should be clear, you have to practice a lot questions on entries, keep solving as much as possible test papers and ICAI study material is more than enough for preparation. The more you solve, the more confident you will be. Framework of the question and execution of time table is very important. Revision is must.