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  • 29 Aug 2022

As you are already aware that in order to crack the CA Intermediate examination your score should be a minimum of 40% in each subject and 50% in aggregate of all the subjects. Our aim to make sure that you stay above average so let’s see how you can score more than 60 marks in Accounting exam.

First of all, let’s see the weightage of the topics that have been given by the ICAI.






Process of Formulation of Accounting Standards

Framework of Preparation and Presentations of Financial Statements

Application of Accounting Standards



Accounting for Special Transactions



Special Type of Accounting



Company Accounts


If you see the table given above you will notice that almost all the topics have equal weightage which clears one thing that you have to study everything. You should not be skipping any topic from the syllabus.

The Accounting exam in CA Intermediate level is practical which makes it comparatively easier for a lot of students. In this exam you need to have more hands approach rather than mugging up the theory. A lot of writing practice is required in this exam because you would be solving so many questions throughout the exam so it’s better to have a habit of writing to manage time and finish the exam properly.

If you are someone who is preparing for Accounting exam, here’s another tip for you. Understand the concept and then practice right after. To elaborate on the previous sentence, what you should do is, read and comprehend the concept theoretically but once you think you have understood it do not wait and quickly do some questions so you can have a tighter grasp over it. This approach works on multiple level. It helps you in comprehending the concept, it helps you in your written practice, you solve questions and more importantly you remember it for a longer period it is etched in your mind.

If you are someone who solves previous year papers then here’s something that’ll help you in finishing your preparations quicker. You can avoid doing the previous year’s questions because the chances of those questions repeating this year are highly unlikely. However, do not misinterpret this suggestion. You can avoid the questions, not the topic. Study everything.

Do not study selectively. There are going to be many articles online which will tell you the important topics for the exam. Do not fall into that trap. The thing about this exam is that you cannot avoid everything. You anyway don’t have to memorize in this exam so take advantage of that fact and practice as much as you can.

You may feel that some topics of the subjects are a little tougher. Well, don’t get disheartened here’s how you can get over that. Refer to your RTPs and MTPs for previous year’s papers. Of course, as we mentioned above you can avoid previous year questions but you can however, understand how a particular question is solved by going through its solution and then try multiple questions of the same concept to get a better grasp over it.